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- [Cameraman] Puff?
- Welcome to my home.
- [Cameraman] There he is.
Ready for his 73 question interview.
You know the drill.
Let's do this.
- Let's do it.
- [Cameraman] Before we being, how do I address you?
- You can call me Love.
- [Cameraman] And you've referred to yourself differently
over the years,
so I've got to ask you, why so many name changes?
- It depends on my mood, and my vibe.
- [Cameraman] And Puff, where did that come from?
- I can't tell you that.
- [Cameraman] Why'd you move to L.A.?
- Oh, for the kids, the family, the weather.
- [Cameraman] What's the one thing you miss the most
about living in New York City?
- I miss the people.
- [Cameraman] Love, how do you describe yourself?
- I'm vivacious, eccentric, and I'm a scorpio.
- [Cameraman] What's one misconception about you?
- There are no misconceptions about me.
- [Cameraman] What'st your biggest strengths?
- My belief in God.
- [Cameraman] What's your biggest weakness?
- Fried chicken.
- [Cameraman] Best personal trait?
- My compassion.
- [Cameraman] What's one thing you need every morning?
- I need a hug.
- [Cameraman] I noticed your festive decor right over here,
what are you gonna be doin for the holidays?
- Opening up a whole lotta gifts.
- [Cameraman] What does family mean to you?
- Everything, it's my tribe.
- [Cameraman] Can you name your kids
from oldest to youngest?
- Quincy, Justin, Christian, Chance, D'Lila, and Jessie.
- [Cameraman] How do you tell your twin daughters apart?
- Just that parental instinct.
- [Cameraman] What's one thing you want for your kids.
- Peace, happiness, love,
I want it all for my kids.
- [Cameraman] Who's your biggest inspiration?
- My biggest inspiration is my mother.
- [Cameraman] What advice did you give Jay-Z and Beyonce
when they had twins?
- Get ready for double the love.
- [Cameraman] What do you thing Biggie's legacy is?
- Biggie's legacy is that he is the greatest of all time.
- [Cameraman] What's the last movie
that made you cry with laughter?
- Oh that's Eddie Murphy, Delirious.
- [Cameraman] What did you bring
to Martha Stewart and Snoop's pot luck?
- Oh, I brought em some Deleon,
the best tequila in the world.
- [Cameraman] What's a piece of advice
you'd give to a 15-year-old Love?
- Love, take care of yourself.
- [Cameraman] What age did you know that you wanted
to be an entrepreneur?
- When I was 12.
- [Cameraman] How?
- When I went and got a paper route,
but I wasn't supposed to,
but I got one anyway.
- [Cameraman] Alright, probably the most important
question of the interview, but,
is it really all about the benjamins?
- I think it's all about love.
- [Cameraman] And Love, the bartender awaits.
Okay, so what's your favorite cocktail?
- My favorite cocktail is the new French Vanilla Ciroc
flavored Coquito.
- [Cameraman] Coquito?
- Okay, so you need some French Vanilla Ciroc,
need some Coquito, and you need some holiday spirit.
- [Cameraman] There's plenty of that.
What's your favorite food?
- Soul food.
- [Cameraman] What's your favorite midnight snack?
- Apple pie and ice cream.
- [Cameraman] Where do you go to relax, in the world?
- I like the Caribbean.
- [Cameraman] By the way, what ever happened
to that Fonzworth Bentley guy?
- Oh Fonzworth is doing great.
- [Cameraman] Okay, so you're having a party,
what song do you kick it off with?
- Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick, The Show.
You hafta try that one.
- [Cameraman] Now, so you've gone on the record
saying that your White Party is up there
with the top three that you've ever thrown for people.
What are the other two?
- I would say, when I got my star in Hollywood I had a party
and this year at Burning Man, at an undisclosed location.
- [Cameraman] And if you had to recall the most lavish,
over the top, outrageously extravagant decoration
on display, what would it be?
- One time I had The Declaration of Independence
at one of my Fourth of July parties.
It was a Fourth of July White Party,
and the White Party is coming back this year,
by the way, for charity.
- [Cameraman] Yeah, it's great to hear,
and I'm sure that's probably not public information yet.
But, who's the person that's number one
on that invitation list?
- Leonardo DiCaprio.
- [Cameraman] And I can get on that list, right?
- Yes, without a doubt, you are invited.
- [Cameraman] That is so generous of you,
cheers to that.
- See you at the White Party,
and Happy Holidays to you and yours.
- [Cameraman] Thanks, Love.
What's the best thing you've ever worn?
- Thank you.
The best thing I've ever worn,
is I have a vintage Ralph Lauren double-breasted tuxedo.
- [Cameraman] Wow, that sounds nice.
And what's your favorite article of clothing?
- Favorite article of clothing?
- [Cameraman] And how would you describe your style?
- My style, is Diddy style, right here, you know?
- [Cameraman] I can see.
And who are your style icons,
out of all the icons in the world?
- Dapper Dan, and this kid right here.
My son, Christian.
My third son.
- Good to see you.
- Look how fresh he is.
Little fresh Mini-Me.
- Sick, comfy, cozy tips.
- Man go put your sneakers up, man.
- Oh gosh, I'm sorry.
- [Cameraman] Who is your fashion mentor?
- My mother, is my fashion mentor.
- [Cameraman] And designer?
- As a fashion designer,
I would have to say Tom Ford though.
- [Cameraman] Okay.
What's the most memorable Sean Jean runway show?
- Most memorable Sean Jean runway show?
The first show that we ever did.
And it was the first time that New York Fashion Week
saw black excellence, in it's full glory and splendor.
- [Cameraman] What fashion shoot sticks out in your mind?
- Annie Leibovitz, the Vogue shoot that I did,
it was called Puffy Does Paris, and Kate Moss was in there,
and every designer in the world.
It was crazy.
- [Cameraman] How has hip-hop influenced fashion,
or changed fashion?
- Hip-hop has changed the world of fashion.
Look at Gucci.
- [Cameraman] How has fashion influenced you
while you're recording?
- If I'm not fresh, I can't make a hit.
- [Cameraman] So to your left, I see a silver statue.
Is that a certain CFDA Award?
- Oh yeah, let me get that for you.
- [Cameraman] CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year Award.
- Pow.
- [Cameraman] That is a beautiful thing.
- Put my drink down.
- [Cameraman] How did it feel winning that?
- Oh man, first African American to win a CFDA Award.
I remember I was in a category with Marc Jacobs
and Ralph Lauren, and I won.
- [Cameraman] Can I touch it?
- Yes.
It's real.
- [Cameraman] Oh, great.
- It's real.
- [Cameraman] Alright, I notice your Grammys.
Tell me, what's your favorite Grammy that you've won?
- My favorite Grammy would have to be,
Hip-Hop Album of the Year, for No Way Out.
- [Cameraman] How many number ones have you had
in your career?
- I've probably had seven as a solo artist,
and over 40 as a producer.
- [Cameraman] Impressive.
And I want you to think back for this question.
What was the first musical memory
that you've ever had in your life?
- My first musical memory was seeing James Brown
at the Apollo.
- [Cameraman] Can you finish this sentence for me?
Hip-hop music today is...
- Hip-hop music today, is taking over the world.
- [Cameraman] Who's the one artist, living or dead,
that you wish you could collaborate with?
- Michael Jackson.
- [Cameraman] Why?
- I mean, it's Michael Jackson, man.
Come on, who wouldn't?
- [Cameraman] Who is one actor you hope to work with?
- Denzel Washington.
- [Cameraman] Why?
- It's Denzel, like,
- [Cameraman] Alright, point taken.
Alright, in all of the tv that you've done,
what is your most memorable moment?
- I would have to say,
when I performed at the MTV Awards with Sting,
doing I'll Be Missing You.
Life changing.
- [Cameraman] And now you're coming back?
- Yes, I'm coming back.
I have a new show on Fox, called The Four.
It's going to revolutionize vocal competition shows,
it's me, DJ Khaled, Fergie,
Meghan Trainor, and Charlie Walk.
Check it out.
Premieres January 4th on Fox.
- [Cameraman] Do you think you will ever be done with music?
- I will never be done with music.
- [Cameraman] What was your favorite song to perform live
on that Bad Boy reunion tour?
- I love dancing to More Money More Problems, you know?
- [Cameraman] Alright so, it's 2020,
will we see a President Love?
- You will not see a President Love in 2020,
but you will see some change.
Love is gonna help you get some change.
We gonna just spread this world with love.
Don't wanna be the president though.
I wanna have too much fun.
- [Cameraman] What makes a good leader, do you think?
- Patience.
- [Cameraman] What is your hope for the future, in general?
- My hope for the future is that my people,
African Americans, will get a chance to build
some economic wealth.
To make some positive changes in our community
so we can stop asking people for things.
And that my people just get some peace of mind, man.
Just get a day to breathe and not have to think about
getting shot or killed or being oppressed, you know?
- [Cameraman] Mmm-hmm.
- That's all.
Just want a little bit of peace and love.
- [Cameraman] What's a cause that's important to you?
- Education.
- [Cameraman] Describe Colin Kaepernick in two words.
- Brave man.
- [Cameraman] Okay, Love, we're almost done here.
We're gonna round it out,
with some old-fashioned true or falses.
Is that alright?
- Sure, let's go.
- [Cameraman] Okay, true or false,
you go to sleep at five a.m.
- False.
- [Cameraman] True or false,
you take a bath every night?
- True.
- [Cameraman] True or false,
you love candles?
- True.
- [Cameraman] True or false,
you never wear pink?
- False.
- [Cameraman] True or false,
vinyl is a lot better than digital?
- True.
- [Cameraman] True or false,
you never wear jeans.
- False.
- [Cameraman] True or false,
you do not like dancing.
- That's absolutely false.
- [Cameraman] And true or false,
did you have the most memorable time
with me on this interview?
- Now, that's true.
- [Cameraman] I believe that.
Thanks a lot, Love.
This was great, take care.
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73 Questions With Sean Diddy Combs | Vogue

12 Folder Collection
Yamanba published on July 7, 2020
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