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Hello, welcome back to another
very short and sweet episode of TwoSet Violin.
Ding ding!
Ding ding!
Practice time!
Wise words.
Imagine every morning you wake up,
and Brett just stands next your bed be like,
"Practice! It's 7am!
Before school starts!"
"5:30! Before sunrise!"
I used to do that for a bit.
Yeah, I went through a super motivated period
where I would wake up before school and practice.
Back when I used to wake up before noon.
Just kidding.
Just kidding. We practice a lot.
Ding ding!
Alright, today's video is called...
That's right, we'll be reacting to
a compilation of very cute clips,
including the violin and some UwU animals.
The goal is...
Because we are very...classical,
- so classical, and dignified. - And we're so serious.
No clapping between movements.
Old, bald, greasy.
No facial reaction.
Yes, so if we UwU,
that's one point gone.
Let's say we have 3 lives.
By the way, this is back in stock.
I hope.
Hopefully by this time this video is out,
this jacket is in stock.
It was sold out very quickly when it first came out,
- Mmm! - but I love it.
So comfy.
Been wearing it every day.
You gotta...
Accent the like button.
"Piano boogie woogie massage for meow."
I lost.
I want to sleep.
Look how comfy that cat looks.
- It's getting a back massage! - This is like...free massage with music.
- I would love to get a massage. - Ohh...
Please, anyone,
just...we need a massage.
I UwU-ed.
I need to meditate more,
and clear my mind from impure thoughts.
Wait, that sounds weird.
From UwU thoughts.
Next video.
Did you UwU?
No way, that's so cool!
Oh, he's [censored].
- Alright, nah, nah, nah, serious. - Yeah.
I can't look at it!
Didn't get me, but...
- ...almost. - I was...I was starting to feel...
Not so much UwU, but it was kind of like heartwarming.
'Cause he's clearly responding.
- Like once the music started, his ears started moving. - Yeah, the ears started going...
Dude, music can...
Speak to different animals.
He's losing some hair.
Is 80 years old old for an elephant?
Oh my god!
- It's 80 years old?! - Yeah, he's 80.
That's why it's losing some hair.
Elephants have hair?
- No. - Then what is that? It looks like hair.
The elephant passes the vibe check.
Ding ding!
It's got hair!
*scoffs* Bro...
Is that what you care about?
There, look! It's got hair!
- Yeah! - No, that's not hair!
- That's the corals in the background, bro. - Alright.
I was like, "Why do they all have hair?
What's going on...?"
You know what else doesn't have hair?
You should feel bad for laughing for that.
Ding ding!
- Wait a second. - Dude.
Can they actually hear?
Through the glass window?
Aren't dolphins really sensitive to um,
vibrations, sonic, sounds?
If you've ever been to an aquarium,
you can't hear the fish.
So can they hear you?
They can hear underwater, right?
But if they can hear under water,
why can't you hear them?
Someone should invent earplugs for them!
It's like "Here you go, whale, pa-ding!"
And they're like, "Ahh!
It's like...
It's like, "Mmm! I want you! I want to..."
- Dude, it looks like it wants a kiss! - Yeah, it's like pushing its head on the glass.
- And this guy just looks like a frickin'... - Yeah...!
- He's in the back like... - He's like, "Ngh..."
"I'm hungry!"
- Are belugas a type of dolphin? - Yeah.
'Cause if so, they're probably very smart.
- And you can see how big the brain is, like... - I know!
The head is like, big brain energy.
He or she is probably hearing more than
what we can hear on the violin.
He's probably analysing his technique.
He's like, "The speed of the vibrato is at 155 bpm."
"Ahh, I see, the aesthetics, the frequencies where...
...the uh, tonic, goes into the dominant.
- Ah, this must be human music language, mmm!" - "Human, mmm!"
I want a beluga.
He's like, "No, don't stop!"
Everyone UwU-ed.
- Yeah, I think that was a good UwU. - Yeah, everyone goes "Aww."
Well, it's worthy of the UwU.
- 'Cause it's a beluga. - Yeah.
Yeah, I've seen this.
行けない!(Don't get up here!)
Dude, the cat's like, "Shut up."
"No more!"
It knows!
- Dude, the cat is...dominating. - Dude, the cat's...yeah.
"Give me love."
The cat was jealous of the piano.
Ohh, that's how you stop a pianist.
Jump on the keys.
I mean, musicians don't date,
because we're always practicing, but,
I'm sure that's something musicians relate to, right?
- Oh, yeah! It's like... - You're just trying to practice,
and then people want your attention,
knocking on your practice room.
"Hey, wanna go get coffee—"
"I'm in the middle of my Mozart,
- just...just..." - Argh!
Go on darling, I have to play now.
Dude, what the...
Dude, what are those two sheep doing in the back!
Trust you to see that!
- Why are you always picking up the most random... - Dude, it's so obvious!
They're like, "Quick, Gary! They're all at the piano!"
Where's Gary?
- I'm looking for Gary...! - Yeah, yeah, yeah...!
Imagine a piano being all getting destroyed
by the sheep.
It's probably just like some old piano,
- but it's definitely getting destroyed, - Yeah.
- like all that saliva and snot... - Ohh...
...going into the keys.
Dude, they're surrounding it.
Dude, what a life.
I think it's cool that the sheep are gathering around it.
- Yeah, they're resonating to it, somehow. - Yeah.
See, music transcends all languages,
(both) even animals!
Does that mean we're an animal?
It's like one of them is trying to eat the keys.
Yeah, it's like...
"Om-nom-nom, is this food?"
Nice. I UwU-ed.
Alright guys, did you UwU, did you lose?
Did you ding ding?!
I like the beluga.
- The beluga's the best! - Yeah.
The elephant looks like it was curious
but it was more enjoying it.
But the beluga was like thinking about,
trying to interpret it.
Can someone just invent an animal translator?
Oh, that'll be the coolest thing!
Ling Ling knows everything,
Ling Ling knows it all.
Ling Ling knows...
...you're not practicing!
It's time...
- Pra..practice! - Practice!
Alright guys, please accent the like button,
legato the subscribe button right now,
and we'll see you guys next time.
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You UwU You Lose

33 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on July 7, 2020
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