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The most talented subreddit ever!
Ling Ling 40 hours unite!
Ling Ling wannabes!
Practice, practice!
Did you practice today?
- Ling Ling 40 Hours! - Ling Ling 40 Hours!
- Ling Ling 40 Hours! - Ling Ling 40 Hours!
Ow, my ears...
Sound the alarm.
Ding ding! Woah!
r/lingling40hours has been attacked!
Ling Ling wannabes unite!
We have an enemy.
Goes by the name...
Davie 404 cannot be found.
Haha, what an original joke.
What did Davie 404 say about the Ling Ling subreddit?
And I also found this subreddit called r/lingling40hours.
Which should be about violin.
But I can only find memes.
r/lingling40hours and r/violin subreddit, not approved.
Did he just insult the most talented subreddit
in the history of humankind?
- Ah! - Ah!
- Ah, the attack is real - My heart, Ah! - My heart! Ah!
Ah! I need sleep.
I need sleep.
Working too much.
Guys, we must unite...
And stay strong in these tough times.
But music...
Shall reign supreme.
Join us.
We will prove them wrong...
By reviewing the r/lingling40hours.
The most talented subreddit on the Internet.
Clearly, these are not just memes,
but memes of the most high intellect...
Only the most talented...
Musicians and artists
can appreciate the memes on r/lingling40hours.
That's right.
Make sure to support it by accenting...
Did your bone just crack?
- All that violin practice. - Practice. Let's start.
I'm like trying to hold it together.
Was that a night time concert or day time concert?
Do you remember?
I can't. I think it was a night time concert.
Maybe, I look tired.
Yeah, you look out of it.
Hey, look, as a musician,
sometimes we got a concert at like...
It's going on till like 9pm.
- I think... - I'm assuming that's a cadenza too.
- Yes, it was. - So, yeah.
It's a tough job.
It's a very tough job.
Requires lots, all that practice.
That pose too, with the violin bow and the thing.
That's just such a typical like
orchestral musicians that are out of it.
Ah... I know right?
Uh, so hard.
Just press a button and...
Ling Ling insurance!
Just kidding. All instruments are S tier.
Wait, is this a thing?
Did they actually?
I have no idea.
Plants appreciate music.
I wonder.
I mean, animals react to music.
You saw our video you uwu you lose, right?
I wonder if our plants react to sound waves.
And they start growing maybe.
Actually, it's pretty messed up if you realize like...
Violins are made out of wood.
- Oh!! - Oh!
That is true, guys.
You must go practice.
If you haven't done your 40 hours a day...
Go practice!
Then, come back and watch this video.
For those that have already practiced,
we welcome you to our arms.
Every time there's orchestra competition,
- everyone just like goes... Yeah, at school. - At school orchestra.
- Yeah. Oh, good days. - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Actually, that's true, too.
Because if you think about it like...
A sports team only has like 11 members.
But a band, each one has like...
20 plus.
And there's orchestra.
- Yeah. And then the school has like orchestra A, B, C. - They're like a hundred.
There's like multiple tiers and all these different schools.
Yeah, yeah.
I remember touring in Korea with SSO,
the Sydney Symphony...
All of us go to - Went to one coffee shop.
- Really? - And they got smashed.
- They didn't even know it was coming and... - That's gonna be awesome.
The first guy that went there, the trumpet player,
taught them how to make a flat white.
Taught the coffee shop?
Yeah, they're like, "you're gonna make this,
- it's called a flat white, we all want this." - Such an Aussie thing. Yeah.
We all want this.
And everyone's like, "oh, dude they make flat whites!"
"Yeah, Dave taught them how to do it."
Dave was the principal trumpet player.
And then, they just served flat white.
No one's safe on this channel.
The only way to make sure you are safe...
Is not be sacrilegious and practice.
So practice now!
That's the secret to becoming a great musician.
That's also the way to renew your Ling Ling insurance.
It is.
People are like,
"did you pay your Ling Ling insurance premium?"
Well, just pay it through practice hours.
Yes, you pay through practice hours.
Dude, that's cool.
Oh, man, that's awesome.
I like how the nose is slightly red.
See? Most talented subreddit.
Is this a meme? More like, genius work of art.
u/Cyrke_, thank you very much.
That's awesome.
- Nice one. - You guys should draw Brett too, as Bach.
TwoSet Violin helping people get married.
Creating families.
- Music... - Finding love...
Through music and romance.
And they breed more Ling Ling wannabes.
To be forced to practice 40 hours a day. Wa-chow!
Yeah, wa-chow!
That's actually pretty crazy.
That's pretty crazy. Yeah.
Hey, we're the best wingmen.
- We're helping all of you guys find your partners. - Dude, you know how they're like...
Netflix and chill?
Feel free to use our videos...
TwoSet and chill.
TwoSet and bubble tea.
Yeah, TwoSet and bubble tea.
You see a girl or a guy that you like
in orchestra rehearsal.
You just go up and be like...
"Hey, have you seen the bumblebee roast?"
"No, what is it?"
"Oh my god."
"Do you wanna have bubble tea..."
"And watch the bumblebee TwoSet roast at mine afterwards?"
"TwoSet and bubble tea?"
- "Wow!" - "Oh!"
It is crazy.
I feel like just yesterday, we were just like...
Two violinists.
And now, it's like, we see people comment "TwoSet"
in almost every like classical recording on Youtube.
We did not expect this at all.
- Yeah. - That's the craziest part.
Oh, we still feel the same.
We're just two guys, average dudes playing the violin.
- Yeah. - Doing what we love.
Sharing what we do.
We feel very fortunate to have you guys watch us.
Alright, anyway.
- Whoa! - Whoa!
Dude, that looks like a legit manga.
Who drew this?
That looks - Actually looks like an actual manga.
TwoSet Viol - And you're wearing a sacrilegious hoodie.
- I got my flannel and 40 hours everyday. - Oh, wow!
Chapter 40: Chase.
- I love it. - I would read that.
I would actually read it.
When is chapter 41 coming out?
- I want to know. - Hurry up.
- Every manga you read, "come on!" - I know, right?
- u/sadsamrain, sugoidesu. - Thank You.
Well, that was one.
Sorry, I just dropped that into the basement...
- Where... - Yeah.
- Editor-san is currently being held. - Hello, editor-san.
You know not to release those footages.
- Oh, wow. - I don't even know what I'm saying at this point.
It's been such a rough week.
Sibelius is killing me.
- The freaking tenths in the third movement. - Oh my god.
I cannot.
And no sleep is killing me.
How are you guys doing this?
Dude, this is coming non-stop.
I would swipe right to that.
I'm not sure.
Actually, nah, it's pretty cute. I think it's the glasses,
but I think she's pretty cute.
The more I look at it, if I saw that...
I would probably swipe right to it.
Nah, dude, come on. She's cute.
Did they photoshop my boobs as well?
- I swear they did. - Did they?
It looks like I got boobs.
Do I get boobies?
We're like three-years-old kids.
- "Wow! Boobies!" - "No way!"
I feel the pain.
- Yeah. - We feel you. Watching all those prodigies online.
You're like, "what's the meaning of life?"
Dude, that's next level.
Do you know any pianists that tune their own pianos?
- I don't know any. - I don't know any.
Violinists can tune their own violins.
No, we love you piano gang.
I can actually relate to that.
Yeah, me too.
It's like, you're like "mmm, damn."
- "Yeah, I did an extra ten minutes today." - "Yeah, I did it. Woo!"
"Yeah, woo!"
It's so true though. That one's a very good one.
I see what you did there.
Oh, wow, so punny guys.
Hey, you're not far off.
- You're on 2400 likes. - Yeah, that's pretty close.
Oh! Ding, ding, ding!
Hey, come on, we're not the grim reaper.
We're bringing joy and love.
We just remind you to practice.
Yes. Go practice!
That's a different type of style.
Dude, it actually is really cool.
So much talent here guys.
u/linglinglingling, thank you for the epic drawing.
So true though.
That's how violinists feel playing Paganini.
- Woah... - I swear hands are the hardest to draw.
I used to do a bit of drawing.
My art... Did art class.
And hands are so hard to make look natural.
I know they say like, if you practice hands...
You basically just need to go through this phase that
all you do is draw hands
in all different angles and postures.
I can see that.
That looks so natural. I love it.
Hey, at least you're not falling asleep.
- Oh! Just kidding. - Dude, I'm appreciating Tchaikovsky piano concerto.
What the...
Dude, I wish I could just...
Dude, that kid's figured it out.
Oh, yeah, you got me good.
- That's like the... - Bruckner.
Yeah, the Bruckner 8 video we did.
I don't know if you guys seen it, it's like a...
One of our...
Old school skits, back when we used to do skits, and...
That was inspired off a true story.
A percussionist...
Actually missed their only note to play
in a whole one-hour symphony.
It's pretty tragic.
That's pretty tragic.
Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.
We ain't looking at that.
Well, by the time this video is out,
I'm sure you would have seen our response.
All right, guys, that's it.
Please like, oh - Please accent, oh -
All right, guys, that's it.
Please accent the like button.
And legato the subscribe button.
And thank you so much, all you Ling Ling wannabes.
Remember it's time to practice!
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The Classical Music Community is Under Attack

32 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on July 7, 2020
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