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A boy loves videos games just a little bit too much.
He loves video games so much that it causes him to hate real life.
He escapes to the digital world to escape the stress of his everyday life.
His friends jump in the game after him to help him survive in that world.
In the game, they pick their Avatars which are almost the complete opposite of their
real selves.
The game is filled with non playable characters that are programmed to hunt and kill any character
trying to advance to the next level so if you're not careful, you're gonna die.
They form a team to search for clues to win the game.
While searching for clues, they learn not to take their friendship for granted because
that's what happens to these two old men in the game.
The two friends threw their relationship away over a petty feud about business deal where
one of them got screwed over.
Learning from that mistake, the team works together.
The first mission is the challenge that takes place in the car.
The drivers all pick a vehicle and have to drive as fast as they can or they'll die
as fast as they can.
At the end of the race, you're supposed to jump a cliff.
The jump is a set up and the driver notices this and pump fakes at the edge of the cliff.
The team finds out the secret to win the mission and make it across safely.
To celebrate, they go to a club.
Keep in mind, this world is fake, but the characters get so wrapped up in it, they forget
that and start falling in love with the video game avatars.
The club is filled with evil avatars.
It's only a matter of time before a fight breaks out.
The bad guys outnumber the good guys like fifty leven to one.
The good guys still win.
Later on in the movie, the team goes to the second challenge.
If you've ever played step on a crack you break your momma's back or hopscotch as
a kid, you'd be perfect for this challenge.
They have to keep their balance while the floor beneath their feet is moving and falling
piece by piece.
They make it across and now there's only one more level left.
It's a cold world, literally I mean, because they almost catch hypothermia on the last
Similar to the second level.
There's booby traps set up so they need to watch their step or it's game over.
Due to poor planning, the bad guy captures one of the teammates and takes her as a prisoner.
The villain takes the prisoner to the evil HQs which is a stupid idea.
She gets set free and now that she's already in the inside so it's like a Trojan horse
The bad guys mistakes the imposters as a friend and lets the good guys infiltrate their operation.
Right before the battle, the heroes press play on the boom box so they could whoop the
evil henchman on beat.
The beat drops and it's a battle to the death.
Both sides are evenly matched during the last battle and you're not really sure which
side will win when it's all over.
After the villain gets whooped, the hero gets the last laugh and is holding the gold stone.
After everyone gets hit by the green blast, the heroes win the game and return to their
real lives.
Although the lovebirds are more attracted to the digital versions of themselves, they
agree to learn to love each in their natural forms.
Those are 24 reasons these movies are the same.
You agree?
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24 Reasons Ready Player One & Jumanji 3 Are The Same Movie

25 Folder Collection
nanako.kamiya published on July 6, 2020
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