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Hey, already, I'm Paige Braddock, and I work at Schultz, a studio in Northern California.
And today I'm gonna show you guys how to draw Sally.
Sally has head shave very similar to her brother, Charlie Brown.
It's not a perfect circle.
It's almost like, uh, like an egg shaped.
So the first thing we're gonna do is sort of loosely sketch where her head would g o.
And then we're gonna draw where?
Her neck with Sally.
And then we're gonna do a little kind of triangle shape for her dress, the main part of her dress, and then she has a little skirt on her dress.
It's making it too big.
This is the sleeve.
Firstly, it's gonna be kind of a puppy.
Slavery there.
Let's rough in her legs.
She has nice short qwerty me legs, and her feet are kind of like little flat loaves of bread and socks.
OK, now we're gonna go back to her hit.
So one of Sally's defining features is her hair.
She has this nice kind of wild, curly section at the front, and then she has thes little pointed I don't know what you call is, but a little pointed turned up bits on either side that come down and they go behind her head right about there.
So you see how I'm doing all these lines really lightly, cause we're gonna go back and dark and everything up.
We're gonna draw a line across her head right here to tell us where her years ago She has big year on this side.
And then her little back years kind of hidden right there.
Now her face line comes down all the way.
This is a solid line all the way around to her neck.
Then her hair just kind of drops in right here a little bit.
We're gonna go back and dark and all these up in a second.
All right?
Crazy curly bit right here and then little side.
Sometimes when Schultz was thinking this, he he would have a little the line would come in a little bit like that.
But it's different when you're drawn with a pencil.
All right, so we do this little live from the top of the year.
That's also to show us where her nose kind of sits right here.
And her eyes are really close.
to her nose.
She has I.
We're out.
All right, let's finish her outfit.
So she's got a little collar on her dress.
I still collar.
She got a little Koofi sleep.
Everyone says you don't know anything, but you always smart to me.
Big brother fingers.
My short little arms is her back sleeve.
Only a little bit of that shows that'll a couple of wrinkles And she had always had a little bow at the back of her dress would just loosely put that in.
And you really she wore a pink polka dot address, and she always would her socks down twice.
Schultz had of this really nice lives, Organic, uh, thinking style, which makes his characters really hard Teoh to imitate.
Okay, what are we missing?
Oh, I think we need one more detail here.
So he's really happy because she's waiting on her Sweet, working a dark and everything really nicely.
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How to Draw Sally

54 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 5, 2020
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