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-First of all, thank you again for coming on.
But if there's a charity or something you'd like
to spotlight or highlight something
that you want to talk about, and for you,
you chose After-School All-Stars.
Do you want to talk about that for a second?
-Yeah, I mean, After-School All-Stars
is an after-school program that I've been involved with,
you know, since the early '90s.
So we're talking here about like 28 years or so.
And this is kind of who provides programs after school --
after the school is over, to keep kids in school
and to help them get an opportunity to get
homework assistance, physical education programs,
tutoring, and so on.
Now, since the kids have been sent home,
and they don't go to school,
we have kind of switched over
and have started delivering food.
So a lot of the kids and the people that are on our team
and on our staff are delivering now food for poor people
or for people that can't afford sometimes
the food and still feed the kids and all that stuff.
TikTok gave us $3 million towards the charity
and towards feeding those kids and those families.
So, you know, we're doing all kinds of work.
The key thing is always, as you know,
one of my rules to success, besides having a vision
and saying no to the naysayers,
is giving something back to your community.
Look, I'm doing well in my life.
I'm doing well because I came to the number-one country
in the world -- that's America.
And they gave me the opportunity --
America gave me the opportunity.
So this is my time, also, to give back.
It's always a two-way street. -Oh, I love that.
I want to talk about one more quick thing, if you don't mind.
I heard that you're working on a video game
where you are going to voice -- be a voice in the video game,
reprising your role as Dutch.
Are you excited about this? The Internet went crazy
when they heard that you were doing this.
-Well, I'm very excited about it.
I always loved that movie.
It was one of my favorite movies that I've done.
And so I always wanted to come back.
So when they then called me and they said,
"We're doing a video game, and we want you to be in it
and do the voiceover and be in it,"
I thought they did a brilliant job with the script.
I loved doing it, and I did the voiceover,
and we'll be helping them with the promotion and all that.
-Well, what people don't seem to realize --
I don't know if anyone knew this,
but you've done a lot of voiceover work
in video games through the years,
sometimes under the radar,
sometimes not even under your name.
I just wanted to show a couple of clips, if you don't mind,
showing some of the great work --
the video game voiceover work of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Take a look.
-Pong, pong, pong.
Pong. Pong.
-I'll be back.
Okay. I'm back.
-No, don't put that line over there.
-Hasta la vista, tree.
-Fantastic! That's what I'm talking about.
No one knows this.
You're a very talented man.
Thank you for your time. Thank you for your charity work.
Everything you're doing, honestly,
I can't tell you what a treat it is to talk to you,
and I cannot wait to see you in person again, my friend.
Thank you so much.
-Thank you very much for having me on your show.
Thank you very much. Love seeing you.
-Bye, bud.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Gives Classic Video Games a New Voiceover

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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