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-Thank you for coming on the show.
-Jimmy! -So nice to finally meet you.
-My mom's right there, dude. -Oh, no way. Hi, mom.
Wherever mom is. Hi. Hey! Hey, mom.
[ Cheers and applause ] He made it.
He made it. You done good. He's a good kid.
Thank you for being on the show. -Thank you for having me.
-I appreciate this. -Yeah.
-A few weeks ago, we had someone on the show
who said he's always being compared to you.
-My father? Was it my dad?
-Do you know who I'm talking about? Yeah.
-I think I may. Is it Mark Ruffalo?
-Yes. Mark Ruffalo.
People say you guys look alike
and that you should play his son in some movie or something.
-I would be honored. It's so weird.
Ever since I think I was like 14 or 15,
I had come out to L.A. and was really young,
so, they'd say one of two things to me in auditions.
They'd either be like, one, "You're too inexperienced.
You suck. You know, try again."
Or they would be like, "You know, you remind us
of Mark Ruffalo, but you're way too inexperienced."
-Yeah, yeah.
So, either way, you were getting rejected,
but in the nicest way.
Yeah, you do even kind of sound like him a little bit, too.
-You think? -Would you do a movie with him?
-Oh, my -- Absolutely, yeah. -Yeah.
Have you ever met each other? -I've never met the man.
But as close as I've ever gotten was --
So, he was sitting here.
-And the woman, Kumi,
who did my makeup and hair for this thing...
-Oh, we love Kumi.
-...did Mark's makeup and hair for this, as well.
-Wow. Wow.
-So, like, I feel like -- -That was a lot.
That's a lot to -- Yeah. -I feel like I know him.
-Yeah. Basically, your face has touched his face, almost.
-Yeah. -Through makeup brushes.
-Through makeup brushes.
-Through makeup brushes and whatnot, yeah.
-It's a dream. -The Internet freaked out.
You did a Calvin Klein ad. -Oh, man.
-And, yeah, you and -- Yeah. -[ Wolf-whistles ]
Get ready for this. [ Cheers and applause ]
And Shawn Mendes did one, as well.
-Yeah. -You two together.
[ Cheers and applause ]
Were you guys in the same apartment
when you did this photo shoot?
Just a couple of roommates or...
-Yeah, they actually put us in a house
for about a week and said, "Just live."
-That's pretty cool to be on the Calvin Klein --
be a Calvin Klein model.
-Yeah, it was pretty wild. -Yeah.
-When they were like, "Hey, so, we have this offer.
What do you think?" I was like, "I got to work out."
-Yeah. Well, I mean, good things happen to Calvin Klein models.
I mean, I would know. -Yeah!
-That's -- There you go.
[ Cheers and applause ] It's like an explosion.
-Dude, that is a fiery background.
-Yeah, we're like the same type of dude.
We're like twins.
They just told me to put more clothes on.
"You want me in my underwear?"
They're like, "No, we don't.
We don't even want you taking your shirt off."
-What's curious is -- what are you looking at?
You now, we're both looking just off --
-Well, hopefully, yeah.
Well, there's some type of explosion.
Maybe if I put you here, maybe you're seeing
the explosion from where you are.
The good news is -- we're both safe.
I'm wearing a full-on jumpsuit,
like a gas-station mechanic or something.
But, apparently, they were all the rage.
Everyone was wearing them.
-Oh, my God. -But, dude, this is giant.
You're doing big movies. Is this a true rumor?
I heard that you might be -- Are you playing He-Man?
-Yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Dude, "Masters of the Universe"?
-"Masters of the Universe"!
I have an affinity for being in my underwear.
I don't know what it is. I just love --
-Dude, He-Man is one of my favorites.
I grew up with all those toys. -Wow!
-I was probably too old to be playing with them,
but I still would.
That's going to be giant. Congratulations on that.
-Thank you. Thank you so much. Yeah, I'm very excited.
It's quite an opportunity.
-Does it feel like it's happening fast to you?
-A little bit. -Yeah. Yeah.
"To All the Boys" came out on Netflix --
-Eight months ago? -Yeah.
-Seven months ago?
-And you had, I want to say, 700,000 followers on Instagram.
-Something like that. -Yeah.
-Now you have 17 million. Wow! -It's weird.
-That's amazing.
-Well, you know, and I'll say the same thing,
that, like, it's a two-dimensional thing, right?
It's not like I have 17 million people
following me around all the time.
That would be insane.
-Oh, that's right. Yeah, yeah. Of course. Yes.
-But it is pretty wild to know that.
-That's a lot of people. -Yeah.
-Yeah, it's major.
Well, Let's talk about --
I mean, are you doing a sequel to "To All the Boys"?
-Yes. Currently. -You are?
-We're actually filming, yeah, right now.
Yeah, yeah. -It was a major hit.
I think it was, like, the biggest movie on --
Original Netflix movie on Netflix, which is giant.
-It's just wild, because it started off as an indie,
and then Netflix was like, "Hey, we like this."
-Really? -"Let's acquire this.
And they did and then they released it, and...
-Game over.
-But that's what happens with Netflix.
You know, like hundreds of millions
of subscribers globally,
and then when they release something,
it's around the world in one second.
-Yeah, it's that fast. -Yeah.
-We had your co-star, Lana Condor, on, who's so great.
We love her. -Yeah.
-And she told me about this pact
that you guys made with each other.
You said, "Look --" You know, because you're
gonna get close during this movie --
-It was, "This isn't happening." No.
-Yeah, basically.
You said, "Let's make a deal that neither one --
We can't date each other."
-Man, you know, we really connected,
because we were both going through some things, you know?
And we just opened up about it from the beginning,
and it was kind of this -- this, like, unsaid agreement.
But it was like, "This is a platonic thing.
You know, we're here --"
And then we talked about it after pizza and hot yoga.
It was good.
-Yeah, you had pizza and hot yoga together.
Yeah, so, like, you're buddies. You're, like, best friends now.
-Yeah. Hell yeah. -That's great.
-That's my girl. -And the sequel is going well?
-Yes. Yeah, yeah.
We were there, and then I came here for this.
And then I'm going back there tonight.
-Oh, perfect. Very good. -So we'll keep going.
Let's talk about "The Perfect Date."
-This is your new movie streaming on Netflix.
What is this about? -So, "The Perfect Date."
It's about this kid named Brooks Rattigan.
And he -- You know, he's kind of enterprising.
He doesn't have enough money to go to his dream school,
and so he comes up with this scheme
where he creates an app using his best friend, Murph.
And they build this app that allows him to be a stand-in
for young girls or guys, anyone who wants to hire him.
He's a date for hire.
And the hopes is that he makes enough money
to get into his dream school and figure out who he is.
-Yeah. There you go.
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Noah Centineo Reacts to Mark Ruffalo Comparisons, Becoming He-Man

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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