B1 Intermediate 3 Folder Collection
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-John here's how it works.
This button is the random Travolta generator.
We'll each take turns hitting it,
to select the name of a role
made famous by you, John Travolta.
-Alright. -We'll perform a small part
from that movie or show the best we can,
and at the end, we'll decide once and for all
who is the better John Travolta --
me...or you, John Travolta.
[ Laughter ]
So I will go first.
I'll show you how the game -- here we go.
[ Game blipping ]
[ Audience whoas ]
Tony Manero from "Saturday Night Fever," okay.
I can do this. [ Clears throat ]
[ Laughter ]
It just feels so weird doing it right next to you.
It's okay. -[ Laughs ]
-[ Clears throat ]
[ As Tony ] You know, I work on my hair a long time.
[ Laughter ]
And you hit it.
He hits my hair. -Uh-huh.
[ Laughter and applause ]
-That was pretty good. -That was pretty good.
-It's really good. -He hits my h-- he hits it.
-I don't know if I can beat that.
-Ah, you can beat that. Yeah, alright, John,
you can go next. Here. -Alright, here we go.
-That's the generator there. [ Game blipping ]
We give it a minute there. -Yep.
[ Blipping stops ] -Yeah!
[ Audience cheering ]
-[ Laughing as Danny Zuko ]
[ Laughter ]
Well, that's cool, baby. I mean...
[ Audience cheering ]
You know how it is, rockin' and rollin' and whatnot.
-[ Laughs ]
[ Audience cheering ]
Let me start the random Travolta generator.
Here we go. [ Game blipping ]
That was unbelievable.
[ Blipping stops ]
[ Audience whoas ] Whoa.
Oh, yeah, this is a different Travolta.
Okay, I know this one.
[ As Vincent Vega ] You know what they call
a quarter pounder with cheese in Paris?
They got the metric system, so they wouldn't know
what a quarter pounder is.
They call it a royale with cheese.
Is that right?
[ Cheering ]
Alright, alright, you're up, you're up.
[ Game blipping ]
[ Blipping stops ]
Castor Troy, "Face/Off."
Castor Troy. Now, you're the bad guy.
-That's the... -That's the -- yeah.
-Alright. -So you're John Travolta
playing Nick Cage. -Okay.
-This is a tippy -- This is a tricky --
-Ooohhh-whee, you good-lookin'!
You're hot.
[ As Nicolas Cage ] It's like looking into a mirror
only not. -Wow!
[ Cheering ]
How you do that?! How you do that?!
How do you do that?!
Alright, John, for this last round,
why don't we do this one together, okay?
-Which is it? -Let's try it and see.
[ Game blipping ]
[ Blipping stops ]
[ Audience ohhs ]
-"Welcome Back, Kotter." -Vinnie Barbarino!
-Okay. -"Welcome Back, Kotter."
Here we go. Alright. -[ Clears throat ]
[ As Vinnie Barbarino ] Hey, Mr. Kotter.
-[ As Vinnie Barbarino ] Hey, don't you take a couple days off
and go hang gliding.
-This is good weather for it. No wind.
[ Laughter ]
What? Where?
Up your nose with a rubber hose.
-Off my case, toilet face.
Want to do this funny dance?
-[ Normal voice ] Let's do the dance. Ready?
And here we go.
Together: ♪ I say hey to Bar-Bar-Bar Bar-Barbarino ♪
♪ Bar-Bar-Bar Bar-Barbarino ♪
♪ Bar-Bar-Bar Bar-Barbarino ♪
♪ You got me rockin' and a-rollin' ♪
[ Singing indistinctly ]
[ Audience cheering ]
-♪ You got me rockin and a-rollin' ♪
♪ Hoppin' and [indistinct] ♪
♪ Barbarino ♪
♪ Oh, you got me rockin', whoo! ♪
♪ You got me reelin' Ooh! ♪
♪ You got me ooooh ♪
Together: ♪ Barbarino, yeah, yeah ♪
[ Audience cheering ]
-The winner!
It is official!
John Travolta is the best John Travolta there is!
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John Travolt-Off with John Travolta

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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