B2 High-Intermediate 4 Folder Collection
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-We're down to the second...
-Dude, game's on in five minutes.
Got any snacks?
-Wings? Chips? Beer?
-This party's in trouble. [ Doorbell rings ]
-Not anymore. [ Cassette player clicks ]
-♪ We are the Football Party Patrol ♪
♪ Getting your party out of control ♪
♪ So when you need snacks for the big game ♪
♪ Call the Party Patrol, we'll save the day ♪
♪ Got the wings marinating in the fridge ♪
-♪ With the sauce so hot,
it'll burn your lips ♪ [ Wilhelm scream ]
-♪ If you need a drink, well, we got 'em all ♪
-♪ Cheese curls, cheese puffs,
and of course ♪ -♪ Cheese balls ♪
-♪ Got a jersey on of your favorite player ♪
-♪ Got that dip made of seven layers ♪
-♪ All our friends coming to this house ♪
♪ Just use a napkin, don't wipe on the couch ♪
-♪ And I brought 15 pounds of cod ♪
♪ I caught it in the sea with my fishing rod ♪
♪ Cod is the perfect football snack ♪
♪ Loaded with omega-3s, that's the good fat ♪
[ Music stops ] Sounds good, right? Guys?
-♪ Cool, but what about the chips and guac? ♪
♪ All I want to do is eat that guac ♪
♪ I wish I could get paid in guac ♪
♪ Avocado, jalapeños, how I like to rock ♪
-♪ Then bop a jalapeño popper ♪
♪ Queso so hot, it's a bopper shocker ♪
♪ Can't get enough of these football snacks ♪
-♪ But it stinks like fish, and that's kinda wack ♪
-♪ That's on account of the cod I brought ♪
♪ I put it in the microwave to make it hot ♪
♪ The bad smell's from the fishy steam ♪
♪ Crammed with phosphorous and protein ♪
-♪ Maybe we could put the cod in the freezer ♪
-♪ Or we could eat it, that'd be easier ♪
-♪ How about we put all the cod outside? ♪
-♪ Sure, then I'll bring more cod inside ♪
-♪ Maybe we could put the cod in the trash ♪
-No! No! [ Record scratches ]
Nobody's going to be putting the cod in the trash!
Everybody is going to eat the cod because I brought it,
and that's the end of it.
That's the end of it!
If someone brings a dish to a party, you try it.
You try it.
Just one bite, okay? One bite.
That's it. That's the rule.
That's the Party Patrol politeness rule.
Just one bite.
[ Squishing ]
[ Munching ]
[ Munching continues ]
-♪ So, maybe we were too hard on the cod ♪
-♪ Now you're on your way to a killer bod ♪
-♪ A football snack fresh from the sea ♪
-♪ Dense, white flesh, yeah, that's for me ♪
-♪ We are the Football Party Patrol ♪
♪ Getting your party out of control ♪
♪ So if you need snacks for your squad ♪
♪ Call the Party Patrol, and we'll bring the cod ♪
-Cod goals! [ Squish! ]
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Football Party Patrol with Luke Bryan

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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