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-Thank you for coming back. Welcome back to the show.
-Oh. Thank you for having me. -Welcome back to New York.
I want to talk about "Megatron" that just came out on Friday.
Went straight to number one on iTunes.
Does that excite you still
when your songs come out and they go to number one,
or are you just so used to it? -Yes, it always excites me.
No matter how many songs you put out,
it always feel good to know that people still care enough
to go and check for it and still support you.
-Does this mean maybe there might be a new album or no?
-Well, there's definitely a new album. Yes, of course.
-Oh, there is? -Mm-hmm.
[ Cheers and applause ]
-I don't know anything! I don't know anything!
-You're the first to find out. Of course, there's a new album.
I just don't know --
I'm not putting out the date yet, but there is one.
-All right. Now, is there a title to it?
-Yes. -[ Gasps ]
You know what you're gonna call it?
-Yes. -How long before the record
comes out do you know you're gonna call it?
-Some-- It varies. Like, with the last album,
I knew for so long, maybe like over a year,
that I was gonna call it "Queen."
And it was just because my fans would always type "Queen"
on Instagram or Twitter under my stuff.
So I was like, "Oh, my God. That's a great idea.
I'll just call it that."
But with this one, you know --
I'm lying. I don't have a name yet.
[ Laughter ] -You know what?
Last time I saw you was at the Met Ball.
We ran into each other. I don't know if you remember this.
And speaking of everyone calling you "Queen."
We're on a long red carpet, and it's a beautiful gala.
And everyone dresses up and looks gorgeous.
Obviously, you looked so much more gorgeous than I did.
But I'm talking to you, and you're so fun. We're talking.
And then it's all in order of who gets their picture taken.
So they're like, "Nicki, you're next."
And you were like, "Okay, bye, Jimmy."
And then you walked out, and you just started, like --
You became -- Everyone's going, "Queen, Queen, Queen!"
And there was like 100 cameras around you.
And I was like -- And you became like this --
And you were doing these poses. And I go --
You looked gor-- But it was so professional.
I was like, "Wow. I don't have those moves."
-Yes, you do. It's inside of you.
-No. It's not. Look at this. That is how you --
-Cute. Cute.
-Like two seconds before, we were joking around,
and then you went out and you're like,
"I'll show you how to do it." And I was like, "Oh, my God."
They're like, "Jimmy, you're next."
And they go, "Please, keep walking.
Get out of Nicki's way."
And I go, "Oh, okay. Interesting."
-You can do that pose. Let me see you try it.
-I can't do this. -Yes, you can.
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Can you hold that up and -- -Yeah. Of course.
-I just want to see -- So, you come out and you go,
"Yeah, I'll talk to you later."
So, everyone just yell "Queen" at me.
-Queen! -Queen! Queen!
-Yes! Give me another one! Work it!
-Come on. -You did a great job.
Yes, you can. You did a great job.
-It was just -- It was great.
You looked gorgeous at the thing.
But then I listened to you, and I go --
I don't know. It's a megastar.
It must be out of the realm of reality, like,
when you go to these things and everyone's yelling your name,
and you're releasing number-one things.
And I go -- I always want to know --
Do you remember the first gig you ever got paid money for?
-I remember being super-excited
to make $700 at my first show I think.
I remember going -- It was a small, little club,
and there was probably like only 200 people.
But it didn't dawn on me, though,
that I would go and they would actually know the music.
So when they were rapping the words back,
I remember making eye contact with people rapping the music
from my mix tape, and it just, like, freaked me out.
Like, I paused on stage like,
"Wait a minute. How do you know...?"
I didn't understand the concept of you're listening to music
and then you learn it. Like, it was just so weird.
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Nicki Minaj Talks "Megatron," Her Latest Album Title and Posing Like a Queen

12 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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