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-Now, here's how it works.
We'll each be served a gourmet three-course meal,
but each dish contains one unusual secret ingredient.
And it's our job to figure out what that ingredient is.
Higgins, what is the first course?
-Well, to start, it's our Baja pineapple margarita,
made with organic pineapple, fresh lime juice,
and glass-rested tequila blanco.
But can you guess the secret ingredient?
[ Laughs maniacally ]
Bon appétit! [Mimics echoing]
[ Laughter ]
-Cheers, okay. -What is it?
-Cheers. -There's an ingredient in there.
It's -- -Ew.
-Oh, I already smelled it. -Ew.
Ew! -No, wrong.
[ Laughter ]
[ Cheers and applause ]
-I think Jim is going to write down "fun" for his --
-This is all right, that.
[ Laughter ] -What do you think it is?
Write down your answers. What could it possibly be?
Ready? Jennifer,
what do you think the secret --
-I think Jennifer is going to know this.
-Pickle juice!
[ Buzzer, sad tuba plays ] No.
Wrong. Sorry. -I mean...
-Jimmy? [ Laughter ]
-Fine, it's fine. -Jimmy, what do you think
the secret ingredient was,
knowing it's not pickle juice nor fun.
[ Laughter ]
-I wouldn't think it was pickle juice.
[ Laughter ]
-Only a fool would write "pickle juice"
Uh, pickle juice. -Oh!
[ Buzzer, sad tuba plays ]
Okay, Jim, it's up to you.
-I think it had, like, a smokey overtone.
I think it's some type of meat, ham.
[ Buzzer, sad tuba plays ] -Ham.
It was mustard. -Ew!
-Ah, mustard. Or mut-ard as you say, Jim.
-Yeah, but mustard goes good with ham.
-It does. [ Laughter ]
Half point.
-You can't give him a half point for that.
-Well, guess what? I just did. -All right.
-For your next course -- -Gosh.
-We have an autumn harvest chili --
-All right, bring it, bring it.
-Topped with local aged cheddar cheese...
-Chili. -...fried corn tortillas...
-Yep. -...and finished with
Italian parsley, But can you guess the secret ingredient?
Bon appétit!
What is it? It's secret.
[ Laughter ]
-Get the corn chips out of the way.
Because the corn chips will be a distraction.
-Yeah, they'll mess up your palate.
[ Laughter ]
Oh, not bad. Not good. Not good.
But not bad.
-Chili, and has a secret ingredient.
-Yeah, so the secret ingredient is not chili.
[ Laughter ]
Nor corn chips nor fried tortillas.
Are you ready? -Hold on.
-No. -No.
[ Laughter ] -Have some more.
Let it roll over your tongue. [ Laughter ]
-I don't have any idea. -There's something, I think.
-It's something -- there's something in there
that's secret. -What is it --
What is it supposed to be? Sorry.
-It's supposed to be chili. -Just chili?
-Chili. -Okay. I mean, I --
-What doesn't taste chili-like about it?
Does it taste too warm to be "chili"? [chilly]
[ Laughter ]
-Who goes first? -Don't look at me like that.
-Jennifer, you go first, ready.
What do you think the secret ingredient is?
Corn? -I mean --
-No. [ Buzzer, sad tuba plays ]
-That is in chili. -I know. That's why I'm --
-That is in chili. -I know.
-What a delightful secret ingredient.
-Yeah, the secret ingredient is beans and meat.
[ Laughter ]
-All right, Jimmy, what do you think?
-Oreo cookies. -Ooh.
[ Buzzer, sad tuba plays ] -Oh, wow.
Not too shabby. -All right, all right.
-All right, Jim, what do you think?
-I really can't spell. But I tried to spell "chocolate."
-Oh. -Oh.
[ Buzzer, sad tuba plays ]
-Can we be more specific with "chocolate?"
-Oh. -Oh.
-European-ish. -Lindor balls.
-No. [ Laughter ]
Don't swear on this show. Don't swear on this show.
-Ferrero Rocher? -It's Nutella.
[ Ding! ] -A point to Jim!
[ Cheers and applause ] -Hazelnut.
-Yeah. -Oh, hazelnut.
-Yeah. -Gonna do it, right here.
-Wow, Jim Jefferies, awesome.
-I'm going to call you guys the hazel nuts.
I have a feeling this one --
I think you're going to get this one.
-I don't think so. -Yes, I do.
It's for dessert. -I can't believe I've --
-Southwest southern-Style mini red velvet cupcake
with buttercream cherry frosting
and our homemade rock candy sprinkles.
And the chef recommends eating the whole thing in one bite.
This round is worth 10,000 points.
-Right. [ Laughter ]
[ Audience oohs ]
-One bite. Ready? One, two, three, one!
[ Audience groaning ]
Okay. [ Laughter and applause ]
-[ Muffled speaking ]
Okay, you are writing it down. There you go.
Doesn't count unless you write it on the pad.
Okay, is everybody ready? -Yes.
-Jennifer, what did you say the secret ingredient was?
Toothpaste is correct! [ Cheers and applause ]
[ Laughter ]
Jimmy. Jimmy.
Jimmy, what did you say -- Hey, leave Jim alone.
Jim's got his own -- -It's toothpaste!
[ Buzzer, sad tuba plays ] -What do you mean no?
-Yeah, no, yeah. -Toothpaste.
-Yeah, yes. -What's that underneath --
-Then he put -- -I also wrote "toothpaste."
[ Ding! ]
-He wrote gravy.
-So you two win.
So we need what, a taste-Off?
[ Cheers and applause ]
-We don't have one. -What, I got -- I got --
-We don't have one, right? -No, we don't have one.
-That's -- -What kind of toothpaste
was that? -Oh, let's -- let's just --
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -Let's try to guess that.
-What kind of toothpaste? -All right, what brand name
toothpaste? -It's the one with the waves.
-Okay, I'll find out. [ Laughter ]
-What's it called? -No, no, no.
-Do you know what I mean? Come on, Jimmy.
-I know. -You're writing it down.
No, it's not that. It's the one that goes like this.
-No, you think it's that.
[ Laughter ] Aquafresh?
-Yes! -No, no, no.
-I think so. -This is the tiebreaker.
What type of -- do you even know American names of toothpaste?
-Yeah. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. -Yeah.
-One, two, three, reveal.
[ Audience ohhs ]
Jimmy got it. It's Crest. [ Dinging ]
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Our thanks to Jennifer Garner, Jim Jefferies.
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Secret Ingredient with Jennifer Garner and Jim Jefferies

14 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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