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-You said something backstage quickly
that I -- that you said that you watch the show.
-Yeah. -Yeah? You --
-I-I watch the show. And I love this show.
Actually, I learned to speak English
by watching late-night shows. [ Chuckles ]
-That's bizarre.
-That's bizarre, yeah. [ Laughter ]
-I mean, so, your English
is basically an impression of me, kind of.
-Yeah. You could say that.
-No, but, really, you used to watch it?
-No, it's true. I was doing this film in Oslo, in Norway.
That was like right after "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo."
-Yeah. -So it was the film I did after.
And I was sitting there. And I was already doing
a little bit of press for "The Girl."
And I was like, "I don't understand
what they're asking me." I was like, "I have to learn English."
And then, I couldn't sleep. It was a quite intense movie.
So I was up in the nights and watching American late shows
and reading papers and trying to get into the language.
-That's wild. Where originally, where are you from originally?
-I'm Swedish, Spanish.
My dad was Spanish flamenco singer.
My mom Swedish, my step-dad Icelandic.
So I have a strange mix. -Wow.
-Yeah. -How fun.
And do you get to come to New York often?
-Yeah, I have a lot of friends here.
I come as much as -- I shot two movies here.
And then, I come whenever I can.
But you know what's funny --
I heard you talk about the red sauna, the infrared sauna.
-Yes. -Yeah.
-Yeah, you know that? -Yeah.
-Oh, sweet. -I do that. I do that.
Do you know why? -Yeah, you live in one probably.
Yeah. -Yeah, yeah.
[ Laughter ] But you know what I do, though?
-You have fondue in there.
-I go to the -- Have you heard about the cryotherapy?
So, basically, you step into a room.
It's like minus-110 degrees.
So it's basically like a cold sauna.
You step in for three minutes.
And it's so cold.
And you have to wear mouth protection and gloves.
But you go -- If you do that
combined with infrared,
that's the [bleep] -Really?
[ Laughter ]
-Yeah, yeah. -Where did you learn that word?
-That was -- That was -- -Not my show.
Yeah, that wasn't me. -That was not from you.
That was someone else.
-Wait, so you go in this thing, and you freeze yourself?
-So it's basically my Swedish side is the cold side.
And the Spanish is the infrared.
So I go -- I merge those two sides.
-Wow, I'm going to do that. -Yeah.
-I want to talk to you about something.
'Cause I heard that you throw really good parties,
really fun parties. -Oh, yeah, I do.
-That's the word on the street. -That is, yeah.
-What makes a -- What makes a good party?
-A wig. [ Laughter ]
-A wig is -- -Yeah.
-That's your secret? -So basically,
I don't know how it started.
I think I was like -- I was stuck in myself,
maybe six years ago.
And it was like -- It needed something to get out of my --
You know, people think I'm quite serious
and that I'm always angry and quite badass.
And I'm not. [ Laughs ]
-Yeah. You're like, "I'm just acting."
-Yeah. But I like -- I need this kind of little bridge
to kind of, you know, to get out of my shell.
So I started wearing wigs.
And then I started doing wig parties at my house.
And then I have one rule. You have to --
You can't come into my house unless you're wearing a wig.
So I did a wig party maybe a year ago.
And my friend, who directed a movie with me in New York
called "The Drop," with me and Tom Hardy, yeah.
So Michael, the director, traveled in from Belgium,
came, was outside ringing the door.
I looked out from the top floor.
And I was like, "He's not wearing a wig."
And I called him and was like, "You can't come in."
And he was like -- He was like,
"Nooms, but I came all the way from Belgium."
I was like, "You're not wearing a wig."
So I had to throw a wig out from the top floor.
-You have spare wigs?
-I have a box of 50 wigs.
I have one for you.
Would you -- Are you up for a wig?
Will you wear a wig for me?
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Oh, my gosh. You actually did bring these wigs.
-So, I've got to tell you.
So, I went out wig shopping today, to be honest.
You have this little cutie.
[ Laughter ]
It's a little bit like Sia, right?
-Okay, yeah.
-I think it's called a pop wig.
And then, this one is really cute, too.
[ Laughter ]
I think you could look cute in this one.
[ Laughter ]
-Alright, now, wait --
-I mean --
[ Laughter ]
Which one are you, Jimmy?
-Oh, yeah. Which wig am I?
-Or we have this massive --
I mean, you could go --
[ Cheers and applause ]
Alright. -I feel like I --
-I feel like you should go for this.
-I feel like that's the winner, yeah.
-So the trick is, we always --
I wear -- I always bring my Polaroid camera with me.
-Oh. -So if you put it on,
you have to allow me to do a Polaroid of you.
-I'd be honored, yeah. -Can I do that?
So, I have like --
So, I did a wig party. I had a party at my house.
And Idris Elba was sitting in a, kind of, Anna Wintour wig
and having -- having a rap battle
with my friend Jay Jopling,
who owns, like, this White Cube gallery.
Two grown men sitting --
-Wearing wigs? -In lady wigs rapping.
-That's a party right there, yeah.
-That's a party.
-Alright, here we go. -Should we try this?
-Yeah. Here's your camera here.
-I mean, you just have to go for it.
Oh, yeah, that's mine. Okay. ♪♪
-I love there's a front or a back to this.
-I --
[ Laughter ]
[ Cheers and applause ]
-It's actually --
It's actually very heavy.
It's very heavy. It's hard to put on.
You have to put this on. You have to try this on.
You have to try this on, 'cause it's honestly --
It's pretty good. Here, I'll do this one.
-Well, you just went in here?
-You just gotta just dive in.
[ Laughter ]
[ Cheers and applause ]
Let me see. [ Laughs ]
Wait, I gotta get your picture.
Who is this guy?
-Oh, my God. [ Both laugh ]
-Who is this guy?
"Hey. Hey, man!
You -- You invited me to your party, right?"
[ Laughter ]
-Okay. -Ready?
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
-Alright. That is -- [ Cheers and applause ]
Let's talk about -- [ Both laugh ]
Let's talk about --
Let's talk about -- I feel like I have to do this when I talk.
Let's talk about --
-[ Laughing ] I think you look very sexy in that.
[ Laughter ]
-This is me in the future.
This is what I'm going to look like.
Welcome back to "The Tonight Show" in 2099.
-The best part is I was actually out dancing.
I took my girls out the other night in London, a nightclub...
-Yeah. -...with full-on wigs.
But I couldn't see anything. So I was on the dance floor,
and I had to lift it up and try to --
-[ Laughs ] That was your dance?
-Yeah, that was my --
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Noomi Rapace's English Is Basically an Impression of Jimmy Fallon

13 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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