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-Playing tonight, we have the "Stranger Things" party
featuring Jimmy Fallon.
-That's right!
[ Cheers and applause ]
-And their opponents, the other "Stranger Things" party
featuring Tariq Trotter.
-What, what, what, what, what, what?
-Wow. All right, first up, Jimmy and Finn.
Get on up here. -Here we go.
-Now...here's how the game works.
I'll read the start of an Internet search query...
-Okay, yeah.
-...and you will fill in the blank.
We have the top three most popular answers on the board.
You'll both type in answers as fast as you can.
And then we'll see if they match any of the top three.
-Okay. Is this from a poll -- a nationwide poll?
-Sure. Why not? Yeah.
[ Laughter ]
Yeah, nationwide.
Here's the first -- Here's the first search.
All right. This is the question.
-My hands are as fast as Bill Gates.
-There you go. -Oh, mine's --
-I don't know if he types fast. I just know he knows computers.
-Yeah, he does know computers. -You're Mavis Beacon.
Okay, now, "Why did the '80s have the worst blank?"
"Why did the '80s have the worst blank?"
What are the top three results?
-Really? -Everybody's ready?
Okay. -Wow.
-You're on my team. That's good.
-All right, Jimmy, what did you write?
-But you're on his team. -I'm sorry.
-All right, are we locked in? -You're locked in.
Is everybody locked in?
All right, Jimmy, what did you write?
-I wrote hair.
[ Cheers and applause ] -All right.
Finn, what did you write?
-I wrote clothes.
Let's see the answers on the board.
-We scored the same amount of points.
I don't know what -- -Okay.
Ready? Yep?
-No, no, no, no, no. -Yep.
-Okay, okay.
-Oh, hey, I'm on the team. -What?
-Okay. [ Laughter ]
Okay, okay. -Okay.
-Yeah, potentially. Okay.
-"Why did the '80s have the worst..."
-Do we see music?
-Whoa! -Yeah!
Oh, my gosh.
-I disagree.
-The music from the '80s... -I'm playing the game.
I'm playing the game. We disagree, but we are playing.
-I disagree with my own answer, as well.
-Right. You're just playing the game.
-Don't be salty.
-Wow. -Is that an English thing?
-Don't be salty? -Salty?
-No, just don't be. -Wow.
-Don't be salty.
-All right, Mr. Peanut.
Round two!
Millie, Caleb, you're up.
-All right, go. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Oh, wow. -Wow!
-It's all right. -I love you, but no.
-Nah, nah. I don't like you, so it's fine.
-This is the game.
Here's the phrase.
"Will I regret eating this whole blank?"
-I'm done. -Oh, God.
-Okay, everybody's typing. Everyone's typing.
-Do I press enter? -Yep.
There you go. Ready?
Caleb, just type it in. You're in.
-Yeah, it's so your credit.
-Wait. -Yeah, yeah, Caleb.
-That's it. -Can you possibly do that?
-All right, ready? -Yes, you can.
-Press return. -Ready. Yeah.
-Everybody locked in? -Yeah.
-Locked in. -Millie, what did you write?
-Cake. -Cake.
-Pizza pie. -Pizza pie.
Let's see the board. -What?
Number-one answer.
Oh, my -- Oh, snap.
Oh, snap.
Oh, my God. The mocking dance.
-We had that guy on our team. What are you going to do, Jimmy?
-All right, Gaten, what are you going to say?
-Yeah, that guy. -What do you think?
-That's the thing. I can't tell.
I couldn't tell you. -You got it. You got it.
"Will I regret eating this whole..."
-Pint of ice cream.
-Pint of ice cream. Let's see it.
[ Cheering ]
Okay. One more, Tariq, for the win.
-Ohh! -To tie up the game.
"Will I regret eating this whole..."
-Turkey? [ Laughter ]
-Come on.
-Hey, hey. -Wow.
-That's a lot, though. -That is a lot.
You're going to eat a whole turkey.
That is a lot.
All righty.
-I'll give you $1,000 if turkey's up there.
-Let us see turkey.
Now, you guys can steal.
Noah, what are you going to say? It's up to you.
-Try it. -Try it.
Just try it. -I think it's going to be --
I think it's gonna be --
I -- What?
-Okay, I'm ready. -Ready? What is it?
-No, no, it was his idea.
-All right. Bag of chips.
-Will I regret eating this whole bag of chips?
[ Cheering ]
-But we got two, though. But we got two, though.
-Okay, wow!
Bag o' chips.
-♪ Hello from the Upside Down ♪
[ Indistinct shouting ]
-All right.
-Did you guys write a song before coming here?
-Here's what's great about you.
-Here's what's great about you. Here.
-Don't worry about it. -I lost my name tag.
-What's great about me?
-Hey, here's what's great about you.
Sorry. All right, sorry.
-All right, it's time for the final round.
-Thank you. -This is for a billion points.
-Oh, my goodness. -Noah and Gaten, you're up.
You're up.
-All right, Gaten, you're up. -Come on, man.
-This is for the game.
-Do not let Noah win.
-Do not let Noah win? -Yeah.
-This is for the game.
Ready? -Don't type your name.
Don't type your name. -I'm practicing.
-"Should I get a new blank?"
-Oh. -Oh, oh.
-What is it? -No, just --
-Car. -Right, ready?
Type it in. -No!
-This is for 1 billion points.
-[ Screams ] -Oh, no.
-Okay. -No, Noah, Noah.
-No, don't put it. -No, no, only put one.
You only get one. -Keep going.
-Keep going. -Enter, enter!
-Yeah, click enter. -Enter, enter!
-No, don't. You're clicking erase.
-Oh, my God. -All right, just hang out.
-Apparently he wrote, "ohone," but phone.
We're gonna take phone.
Ohone. You got it.
-That can't count. -That counts. Ohone counts.
-Ohone can't count.
-It's the spirit of the law. What did you write?
-I wrote car. I wrote car.
-All right. Car and phone.
[ Drumroll ]
Let's see them.
[ Cheering, shouting ]
-Oh, my God.
-My thanks to the cast of "Stranger Things."
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Search Party with the Stranger Things Cast

12 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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