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-You know, guys, It's been an emotional and eye-opening
few weeks for us at "The Tonight Show."
So I decided to have some quick-ins on our staff
and just see how everyone's doing.
I'm gonna start off with one of our new writers, Tim Barnes.
Hey, Tim. -Hey, Jimmy.
-So, I know there's a lot going on right now,
and I just wanted to -- [ Cellphone chimes ]
-Actually, Jimmy, can you hold right there?
I'm getting a text from another one of my white friends.
You know, they've been checking in about how I'm doing
with all the racial injustice they just discovered.
So I'm just gonna respond real quick.
-Yeah. Okay.
-And send. What were you saying?
-Actually, I was just about to sort of check in about the --
[ Cellphone chimes ] -Sorry to do this again.
I'm getting a Facebook message this time, and, yeah,
based on their profile picture, it's another white person.
-No problem.
-I never met this person, but if I don't respond,
they're going to have a white guilt meltdown.
-I'm getting the sense that a whole lot of white people
have been checking in on you lately.
-Jimmy, you wouldn't believe how many.
My DMs look like a Phish concert right now.
I mean, I appreciate it,
but it's starting to feel a lot like work.
-Well, I'm happy to see that you're doing well.
And I just want to let you know that I care about you.
[ Ringtone playing ]
-I'm so sorry, Jimmy.
Hey, Ian.
Look, I know you're doing the best that you can,
and I really appreciate that.
And I don't know, maybe something by James Baldwin.
Where were we?
-Well, I was going to say --
[ Dial-up modem chirping ]
You need to pick that up?
It sounds like a fax machine or something.
-Fax machine?
I didn't even know I had a fax machine.
[ Telegraph tapping ]
-Okay, I don't think I recognize that sound.
-It's a telegraph, Jimmy.
And it's another white person.
-Oh, my God, what just happened?
-Smoke signal.
White guy smoke signal.
-How is this possible?
[ Owl hooting ]
-Jimmy, you're not gonna believe this,
but an owl just flew in and dropped this tiny scroll.
[ Electronics vibrating, chiming, chirping ]
You know what? I'm gonna just turn everything off.
All my electronics and it's just me and you, Jimmy.
What can I do for you?
-Well, I really just wanted to see if you're okay and tell you
that if there's anything I can --
-Oh, looks like someone is joining our call.
What? And somehow it's you.
-Yeah, hey, I just want to double-check that you're okay.
Good idea, Jimmy.
Thanks, Jimmy.
-This is too much for me.
I'm just gonna go and check in on all my black friends to see
how they're doing with all the white people
checking in on them.
Thanks, Jimmy and Jimmy.
-Tim Barnes, everybody.
-And send.
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Jimmy's Call with Tonight Show Writer Tim Barnes Gets Interrupted by White Guilt

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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