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-I miss you. I wish you were here every week.
-I know, I wish I was here all the time.
-Thank you for coming. Where have you --
You've been all over the world.
-Where did you fly in from? -L.A.
-You flew from Los Angeles. -It was the craziest trip,
because two flights -- these two flights had been mixed up
and they hadn't been flying out. And I was in the lounge,
and we had found other transportation
to get to, you know, New York.
And I overheard this young girl, and she was talking about
how she was gonna miss her graduation.
-Oh, really? -So I went up to her,
and I was like, "Do you want to travel with me?"
[ Audience awws ] And she was like, "Sure."
I was like, "Okay, come with me."
-No way. -So we traveled together,
and she's here in the audience tonight.
-No, you brought her here? -Yes!
-Where? Where? [ Cheers and applause ]
-[ Chuckles ] She's here.
-Hey, what is her name? -Marissa. Marissa.
-Marissa? -Yes.
-Marissa, did you make -- Oh, hi, Marissa.
Yeah, there you go. -Yes, she graduated.
[ Cheers and applause ] Yeah!
-What school did you go to? -Columbia, right?
-Columbia University. -I know Columbia University.
Yeah, not bad. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Yes. -I'm so glad.
-Yes, I know. -What a great story.
-Oh, what a great story. -It is.
-I was like, "Thanks." -That's so nice of you. Cool.
But her parents, I'm sure they were like,
"Why did you go and travel with strangers?"
-No, but she said she was gonna miss it,
and she didn't. That's the best.
-She didn't miss it. there you go.
-Good for you, pal. -Thank you.
-I know that you were also in Australia,
because you saw our pal Robert Irwin
when you were down there. -Oh, isn't he the best?
-Oh, my gosh. -They are both.
-Robert and Bindi Irwin right there.
And I know, we love those guys. -Oh!
-What did you do when you were there?
-Oh, man. -Oh, I saw so many things.
He was like, "Mate, mate, you got to hold a snake."
I was like, "Oh, sure."
And he's like, "Mate, it's got to happen.
Put it 'round your neck." [ Laughter ]
And I was like, "okay." -"It's got to happen.
Put it 'round your neck." -He's like, "Mate, I've got to
come to States to go and see 'Godzilla vs. King Kong.'"
[ Laughter ] I'm like, "Okay, sure."
-"All right, mate." -Yeah.
-I love that he calls you "mate."
-"Oh, mate." -"Hey, mate."
He brought a -- He brought -- I mean, he brings
the craziest stuff on our show. -Oh, yeah.
-And always -- -I watch every segment.
He Facetime'd me when he was here.
He was like, "Millie, mate, there's an animal
named after you." [ Laughter ]
-He named an animal after you? -Millie Bobby Brown.
-This is Millie millipede, Millie Bobby Brown.
And it was so... [ Laughter ]
Oh, no, it was frightening. I can't even talk about it.
-And he looks at it and he goes, "Isn't it so adorable?"
[ Light laughter ] I'm like...
-No. -No.
-Not at all. -It's not --
-It's frightening, Robert. -It's quite scary.
-Frightening. -Yes.
-But he's such a good guy. -Oh, he's the best.
-He loves animals. -Yeah.
-You love animals? -I love animals.
-Yeah. Do you own any pets? -Well, the last time
I spoke to Robert on Facetime was in a bit of a --
I was like, "Should I get tortoises?
Should I not get tortoises?"
I finally went to a pet shop, and they had two,
when my parents only allowed me for one.
And they were husband and wife. How could you, you know?
[ Laughter ] So I went overboard,
and I called them "Bec-cah" and "Dah-vid."
Which basically are Becky and David.
But you know Jon Snow from "Game of Thrones?"
He has that Northern English accent.
He's like "Jon Snuh." [ Laughter ]
-"Jon Snuh." -"Jon Snuh."
So you got to say "Dah-vid and Bec-cah."
[ Laughter ] With your tongue out.
Oh, so David -- -"Dah-vid."
-"Dah-vid." -"Dah-vid and Bec-cah."
-Oh, yeah. And that's how I only name --
I will be like, "Oh, good morning, Dah-vid."
[ Laughter ]
-But, dude, you love them so much.
-Oh, I'm the mother of tortoises now, like I can't --
[ Laughter ] I cannot stop.
[ Applause ] -Like, Daenerys is -- Yeah.
-The Mother of Dragons, Mother of Tortoises.
"Jon Snuh." -You Facetime'd your tortoise.
-Oh, yes. -This is today or yesterday?
-So, I'm on a press tour right now,
and every day, I'm Facetime-ing them.
Look at my -- I can't -- I was in bed.
I couldn't stop laughing. [ Laughter ]
So "Bec-cah" ate strawberries. And it was the cutest thing,
because she only -- because she gets, like --
you know, it's her treat once in a while,
and she was like... -She went for it.
-She went for it. My brother was like, "Oh,
do you want to see David." I was like, "Oh!
Does Eleven have super powers?" [ Laughter ]
You know? I was like, "Are you joking me?"
I'm the mother to them. -Yes.
-They also, like, love me. -Do they recognize you?
-No, they do. They, like, turn their heads
and they're like, "Not her again."
[ Laughter ] And I'm like [Baby-talking].
-Oh, how fun. -Oh, yeah.
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Millie Bobby Brown Is "Mother of Tortoises" and Imitates Jon Snow's Accent

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林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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