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Hey boys and girls!
So today I’m going to do a video
that’s probably the most requested video that I get
and that is a video purely dedicated to accents
Be for one, some of them probably aren’t perfect
but I have tried my best!
So, let’s carry on!
This is what I normally sound like
I may have a New Jersey accent on some words
but I think for the most part
this is pretty much Middle American
This is most New York City accent with the exemption of Manhattan
Some people think that most people from New Jersey talk like this too
but that simply isn’t true
Because if your home is in South Jersey
then you probably sound like this
Alright. Can we toast with butter?
No one hardly gets the Boston accent right.
Pardon ,people! we’re not from New York, people!
You know it really grabs my gears when I hear people trying to do a Southern accent.
You all think we all sound like this guy!
What you know this guy?
What does this guy ever do to you?
We’re on bag. I gotta fix my tractor.
Yea hoo!
This is one of my favorites!
when polled a good portion of people voted the Midwestern accent to sound the most pleasant.
I don't wanna toot my own horn here, but I agree.
I’m not sure about this guy
but I’m Navaho
And I think we have the best accent!
What?! Did you see what the guy follow up his broard
Yeah man, I totally swiped down that girl on film.
Oh my God
I can’t believe I got that hella hot guy whose loosing his shorts on camera
What’s up bitsy girl shine oh!
Just because I talk like this
don't necessarily mean that I’m African-American
Yes, I did grow up this city with a 70% African-American, 25% Hispanic
but I do follow in that 5% of other
You ain't born with your accent and therefore race cannot determine it.
It’s learned
Believe that!
Hello and welcome to United States of the 1940s!
You know when gas used to be 20 cents a gallon.
How much is it in the future?
Yeah, shame! I’m gonna wack those guys! See?
What does that mean something different in the future?
Bad, I’ll say,
Sorry, this project I’m working on is preventing me from going on the bill.
Ora levato come here!
What you waiting for man? Come on
I have been waiting forever!
You don’t think I can do Jamaican accent
but for you I make one try.
Not sure if I can do Irish either but it was a popular request so sure I don't.
Alright, so most people who are doing tracks tend to exaggerate it
and it ends up sounding like,
Eh eh eh eh
I am fool you while that no one speaks like this in England.
And yes contrary to popular belief
I along with many other educated Americans can point England to the map.
Right and yeah,
they said and it always reminds me of Dick Van Dyke and Mary Poppins.
I’ve not met one American person that can do an Australian accent.
But most likely, this one is included.
Isn’t it time to go yet?
No, really I’m starved!
I have not eaten since this morning.
I know right. This guy is talking forever.
Hello! My English is not very good.
Let me get my friend for you.
Chao! Chao! What can I help you? I’ll find!
You’re not looking for nothing?
Ey, why are you calling me here for?
He’s always so hard headed.
I tell him to relax but he doesn’t listen to me.
Hoy! Enough fighting huh!
Don’t fight!
I’m not go my class!
I don’t know how I sound to speak English
This is a Chinese accent and it sounds like Peter Chao.
This is a Canto accent.
I would like to say that this is my Japanese accent.
Thank you!
Don’t buy a shampoo.
It’s for thin hair.
You have a very thick hair.
Hello. How is your Mom?
Please say hi!
How’s she do?
Okay okay. Talk to you later!
After this video,let’s get something to eat.
Chicken finger fat cup from Greek’s Rock Sabata.
But no, I want you to just come to my house.
and my wife cooked you samosa chat.
Hey, what about me?
Both of you always forget about me.
How about we get that go dance and see!
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35 Accents in the English Language

39246 Folder Collection
Go Tutor published on July 12, 2017
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