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Hey guys!
I'm Tracy.
And I'm Andy.
And we are back with another recap.
So we finished champagne game.
So we finished champagne games.
So then we go on to our one on one with Victoria P.
And I'm watching the show and I think [GASPS] I
have that same outfit!
Oh no.
But it was as Peter.
I was wearing the same outfit as Peter.
Oh no!
Wait, did you wear that on purpose today?
Yeah, I wore it on purpose today!
I didn't even put that together.
And I was like, what is my life that I
own the same shirt as Peter.
Shoot, I should've wore a cowboy hat.
So, they go to this boot shop, this boot scooting boogie shop.
I could smell that place.
Oh, yeah.
It was leather.
All leather.
It was right when you open the door.
I was like, [SNIFFS] Yeah
That smells like boots.
And he gave her a little taste right there in the boot shop.
Yeah, a little, like, smoocherino.
He goes for it, too.
Yeah, the old smoocherino.
And, also, I was like, how romantic.
I've always wanted to kiss my boyfriend surrounded by boots.
On my wish list for my husband.
Please take me to a boot shop.
And then they go line dancing.
They're, like, honky tonking it.
So then they go to dinner.
And this is where we learn a lot.
So I was, like, kind of making fun of that date with people
I was watching with, and then this happens.
And then you start feeling really guilty.
Oh, I felt horrible.
Her dad passed away.
Her mom struggled with addiction.
Her mom struggled with addiction.
Had to be like--
She had to take care of her sister.
--her sister.
And then they ended up, some days,
they would just eat potatoes.
But you know who was really taken by that story--
obviously, all of America, but also Peter.
I know.
He's a family guy and he's, like, you deserve love.
He says to her, I've never been as inspired by somebody
as I am by you.
And then smoocherinos galore.
And the rose-- der.
She's just a good person.
Like, der.
She's kind of a front runner in my mind.
Oh, she's really coming out of her shell.
That was, like, she took the escalator are all the way up.
That's how you ride an escalator.
I was holding on the handle because I like safety.
So then we go onto the group date.
The what is back.
The [BLEEP] is back.
Demi, we love you, but you haven't left.
Yeah, first of all, these women come
in with these, like, full pillows that were not
sealed because lots of them--
Yeah, they were, like, sacks of feathers.
Like, really hitting, like, boom!
Those gals were rough.
To wake them up.
But my favorite part was seeing the rooms in The Bachelor
Mansion because I feel like you think being on The Bachelor
is so glamorous.
It's so fun.
Broke down the fourth wall.
Yeah, and then you go in there and they're in these, like,
teen 90's like double bunk beds in the rooms.
What if someone snores?
It was like they're in the hull of a ship.
Oh, you could literally go like this
and touch the person across from you.
I kind of wanna, like, spend a night there.
So Demi comes in and she's, like,
it's time for my extreme pillow fight club.
This date, I felt, personally, set women back about,
I don't know, like, 100 years.
I know.
I kind of sped through it.
I'm going to be honest.
Women, no, you don't need a fight
over a man in a pillow fight.
What about the outfits?
The linger-y?
I mean, I say linger-y all the time.
You know it's lingerie.
I know.
I had to stop it.
I think she said it as a joke.
You really think so?
I don't think Kiarra knows that it's lingerie.
But now she knows.
They're wearing the linger-y, they go into the thing,
and they fight.
Look what I get to wear when I fight with a pillow.
You know all women pillow fight.
What if some of them had allergens?
Right, that's a good point.
I hope they asked beforehand.
The pillow fighting.
In the right corner--
And in the left corner, Sydney.
Oh, the finals.
Kick, kick--
--hit, smash.
[HITTING SOUNDS] The winner is Alayah.
Alayah and Sydney are heated because Sydney
thinks that Alayah that we're seeing on camera
is not the Alayah we're seeing behind the camera.
Drama, drama, drama, drama.
I just need some time.
So he moves on in.
He sits in the middle.
And he's, like, I'm trying to find love,
but I hate to call anybody out, but Sydney, you
said somebody is not here for the right reasons.
Can you say and point to that person, directly, in this group
right now?
And then all the girls are, like--
You know they're all--
--their hearts like, bum-bum, bum-bum.
Is she's talking about me?
They're all, like, oh, I'm totally that person.
But then Alayah is, like, not me.
And then Sydney said, I'm sorry, Alayah,
but I just think that you are not
who you are behind the camera like you
put on when you see Peter.
She's like, OK, I see what you're saying.
I was, like, oh, guilty as charged.
All right.
Well, I'll just cuff her up, send her out.
And then you're wondering OK, well,
is Peter going to think that it was nice of Sydney
to call her out or is he gonna side with Alayah?
And then, what does he do?
Gives that rose straight on to Sydney.
To me, that was a line in the sand, here's who I side with.
So Chris Harrison comes.
Nothing bad enough was happening.
Chris Harrison was just saying it's time for our pool party!
Which woo, woo, woo-- everyone's pumped until mopey Peter comes.
Just confused, man.
And Alayah, Sydney drama continues.
Peter brings in his most trusted ally,
Victoria P as in I positively believe everything you say.
He put her in the-- he put her in the hot seat.
She's like, I don't want to say anything bad,
but what I will say is bad.
I knew Alayah before this show.
We were in mini Miss USA competitions together.
Boom, boom.
They knew each other.
And when Victoria P. explained it, she kind of was like,
I know her from the circuit.
Kind of like how Hannah B. and Caelynn knew each other.
I didn't--
Which is another one of those same stories again.
It just seems like they competed together.
Cordial, they know one another.
But they're not best friends.
But then later, Alayah's, like, yeah,
we're actually very close outside of this.
So I don't know who to believe, but the point is Peter
believed Victoria P.
Anyways, Peter was very upset about it.
So upset.
So distraught.
So distraught.
We're moping.
Like, mope central.
Mope USA.
Mopesville, population: Peter.
OK, so then we go to
And he's the mayor.
The mayor of Mopesville.
So then we go to the rose ceremony.
Let me get my pen.
We said goodbye to Alexa.
Jasmine didn't ever get a date.
Sarah, see you later.
Actually, we won't.
Alayah also did not get a rose, but I'm not
crossing her off yet.
So they hug for like a long time.
And she's like, I wish this wouldn't have been the way it
happened, but whatever.
We're fine, leaves.
But then he walks off to his producer.
And he's like, I don't feel right.
I thought I'd feel better.
I don't--
Something doesn't sit well with him.
Oh my god.
So then we get to the tease.
This was the best part of the entire episode
aside from linger-y.
They are going to a place to fall in love: Cleveland, Ohio.
Ohio is for lovers.
Yeah-- and it's no, I think Virginia.
But Ohio is for some people.
OK, so Victoria F. gets a one on one.
And we feel like, oh my god, she's
going into a concert probably [INAUDIBLE] but it's not.
It's Chase Rice, country singer, very handsome man.
I've actually heard of him.
Oh, you have heard of him?
I have never--
OK, that's fine, you're a dad.
So then--
All right.
--so then, they're on the date and she's like, I dated him.
Peter is like, what?
Back to Mopesville.
If I tell you my jaw dropped to the floor.
So then we also see that Alayah comes back
and everyone's like, [GASPING]
Which, why is she coming back?
Just to cause drama?
We don't know.
Pete might have asked her to come back.
You know why?
Because they needed a good tease.
And boy, did we get it!
A big thanks to you all for watching!
Make sure you tune in next week.
And comment below to tell us what you think
while we'll be in Mopesville.
Womp womp.
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Ellen Staff’s ‘Bachelor Recap’: The 'Linger-y Finasco'

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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