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Hello, fellas.
Well, hello.
It's good to see you.
Good to see you.
Good to see you, as well.
So you're still getting along?
There's no breaking up yet?
No we've come to announce--
--the breakup.
We're kidding!
Really bad joke.
That would be funny if you got back together after 10 years,
and then you break--
Just a year.
It's fine.
--for another 10.
For another documentary.
So congratulations.
A sold out tour.
Not only did you come back--
In a big way--
and I think you didn't not only lose--
you didn't lose fans, you gained even more fans.
I think it's a whole new generation of people, too.
It feels like that.
We gained at least two more with Kevin's daughters.
That's true.
Other than that, there was a few that came along the way.
But we just are so thrilled with the tour.
It's been amazing, and being able to get back up on stage
together is kind of unfamiliar but it
feels good to do it again.
And then you've had amazing people come.
Who have been the favorites that have come to see you?
Patrick Mahomes came out.
About to play in the Super Bowl.
Yes, he is.
So he came out with his brother and his girlfriend.
That was really cool.
A bunch of other athletes, guys who play for the Dodgers.
We've now become friends with all these guys.
But we're looking at them like they're are heroes currently.
But I guess when they were 10 to 15, we were theirs.
And they're at the show drinking, having fun.
Well, not drinking.
He had a game, so he couldn't.
Way to go, Nick.
I think the odds just went way up on that.
It's part of the plan.
Just Mahomes.
Jay-Z came.
Jay came, and we worked with Roc Nation for years, now.
And he came out to a show.
And there was a great video of him rocking out
to "Year 3,000," which was pretty special.
There he is.
Very cool.
But for some reason, this picture
is just the worst open mouth pose for me.
You look handsome anyway.
It doesn't matter.
I was nervous.
So I saw a picture of a puppy that your wife got you.
And it's a cute puppy.
He's a beauty-- oh, there he is.
He's really cute.
He's huge, now.
He's about double that size.
His name is Gino.
He's ripping up everything that comes in his path, he's--
That's not good.
--using the bathroom wherever he pleases.
That's not good.
Don't you have a trainer?
We do.
You can't let him do that.
But when he's that cute you just let him do it.
No, no.
Yeah, he's peeing in that shot, as well.
He looks like he's--
We the same thing about children, but that
didn't go well.
Let's talk about the TikTok thing
that you all did with the Kardashians.
Whose idea was that?
That was my idea.
He went on a deep dive on TikTok.
He's like, guys I've got it.
You walked into the room and that's what he wanted to do.
It worked itself out.
Naturally I was supposed to be Kim, so.
I got--
I don't know why you got to be Kim.
It just makes sense.
And then you had to memorize the whole thing.
It was very good.
Thank you.
Let's-- if you don't know what we're talking about,
we'll show it.
Don't be [BLEEP] rude.
Are you kidding me?
I swear to God--
--don't be [BLEEP].
I'll [BLEEP] hurt you.
Don't do that.
Oh my God.
Now, have they seen it?
Because if they didn't like it, you
could get yourself in a pickle.
We could.
They all reposted it, so they're fans.
I think Kris actually posted it on her Instagram,
so I'm pretty sure they're into it.
We're just waiting for them to recreate our fight, now.
The band breaking up.
You have to have a fight.
If you have a fight on this show right now--
For sure.
--just start a fight.
We could stage one if you want.
Yeah, you should stage one so that they can return--
Why do you always get to be Kim?
That's it?
That's it.
That's all we got.
That's all you get.
That's really easy.
That's just one thing.
It was good, though.
All right.
You're performing at the--
by the way, congratulations on the Grammy nomination.
You too.
Thank you.
I'll see you there.
May I?
Are you performing on the show, at the Grammys?
We are.
We are.
We are performing on the Grammys.
I'm excited.
It's going to be good.
We're actually-- we have a very special performance lined up.
We don't want to give anything away,
but we're playing the new song that just came out.
(SINGING) Tell me what a man gotta do?
What a man gotta do?
What a man gotta do?
What a man gotta do?
And then we're doing something else, which I don't
think anyone's going to expect.
That is a nice tease.
With the Kardashians.
With the Kardashians.
Well, you just gave it away.
That's a shame.
That's exciting.
I can't wait.
They haven't called us back.
We're hoping it'll work itself out.
Can I ask an ignorant question?
Is this your first Grammy nomination, or--
It is my first Grammy nomina-- no, no.
Is it my first Grammy--
This is my second Grammy nomination.
You got it for your book.
You got one--
It's your third.
It's my third.
Wait, hold on.
I'm terrible.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
I'm sorry, we only have two.
So yeah.
That's terrible.
I shouldn't-- but this is my favorite nomination.
I want to win this year.
This is the year I want to win.
So do we.
All right.
All right, then let's all win.
All right, we're going to take a break.
We'll play a game we come back.
Hi, I'm Andy.
Ellen asked me to remind you to subscribe to her channel
so you can see more awesome videos, like videos
of me getting scared or saying embarrassing things,
like ball peen hammer.
And also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities
if you're into that sort of thing.
[BLEEP] God!
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Jonas Brothers on Becoming the Kardashians for Their Viral TikTok

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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