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I was told that Ellen left a surprise for me,
which I'm excited to see.
Apparently she was talking with another guest last week,
and my name came up.
I haven't seen this, but let's take a look.
I'll tell you who saw that movie, I bet, a ton of times.
And he's in love with you, as a matter of fact.
Every time he's here, Dax Shepard--
take a look at this clip of how obsessed he is with Brad.
Let's talk about Brad Pitt, because you love him.
I sure do.
I've actually changed-- look at this son of a gun.
Let's be clear.
You're not gay, OK?
I am not, with the exception of him.
I see.
He is an angel.
He's not--
He's not a--
This is someone that has fallen from the stars.
Let's give Dax's gift.
Oh my god.
Do you know that Dax Shepard has a crush on you?
I have a bit of a crush on Dax Shepard.
Guys, I did not know that was coming.
I got to take a cool down lap.
Oh, well, I got another surprise today
when I got to my dressing room.
My wife and two kids snuck in and decorated my dressing room
before I got here.
And it, you know, made me cry, to answer that question.
These little rascals, what they did
is they vandalized my room with a love bomb.
Look at that.
Oh my goodness.
Umm, yeah, I cried.
The miracle really is not only that they
tricked me, is that neither of them
told me last night during bedtime, which is
almost impossible to believe.
They can't keep any secrets whatsoever.
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Ellen's Brad Pitt Surprise for Dax Shepard

13 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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