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All right.
We're back with Kate Hudson.
And so you have a vodka company that--
that comes in handy.
You have two essential companies, really.
You have Fabletics.
Everybody wants sweat pants right now,
and everybody wants to drink.
So you have-- how much of both of those things
do you have at the house?
A lot.
A lot.
And I have to say, you know, I used
to say I live in my Fabletics.
But I am truly living in my Fabletics.
And I have a garage full of vodka.
All right.
So tell me the name.
Let's promote your vodka.
Tell me the name of it.
Oh, it's King Street.
King Street vodka.
And right now, actually, we're doing
30% of all of our proceeds are going to the Bartenders Guild.
So we're trying to--
Oh my God.
I love that.
I feel like--
I think that's been one of the sort of things
right now in business and looking
at all of the different sort of activations you can do
and it's sort of a multi-step thing, right?
You want to keep your business intact.
Everybody across our country, our economy,
the second the business goes out, you're losing--
people are losing their jobs.
And so for us, you know, the vodka, it just
makes sense for us to be supporting the bartenders.
And they're all out of work right now.
And we're trying to get them to come do content.
And we can maybe pay them to do things like that.
You know, just trying to get involved and more involved
in the community to keep people working.
Good for you.
Good for you.
All right.
Let's talk about this big announcement that you have.
It's very exciting.
People's Most Beautiful issue.
You are on the cover.
And it's not just you, it's you, your mom, and your daughter.
So it's three generations of beauty.
God, I love that.
It was-- it was funny.
It's a funny time, isn't it, now to think about that, too.
Because it's like-- well, one, I mean,
and doing anything with my mom, we never do that.
It's just such a-- it's such a joy.
And we got to do it on your show, which
was really fun and wild.
And then--
You all looked great.
We loved it And then to do the shoot was really great.
I was so happy they asked about it being a family picture.
And it's now more than ever, I mean, family is everything,
isn't it?
I mean, at the end of the day when you boil it all down,
we're all doing what we can by staying
in for the sake of not only everybody,
but the health of our families and to protect our unit.
And I think that the message of a strong unit
is really important and beautiful.
It is beautiful.
Maybe Portia, you, and I could be the cover next year, Ellen.
We're all-- OK.
The three of us will be next year.
[INAUDIBLE] happy beautiful family.
I love it.
I think we should mock up that People magazine cover
right now.
So now, Jen Garner was on the cover before you.
Has she given you advice?
Has she called you?
See, I'm sure we're both doing the same thing, which
is homeschooling.
People magazine's beauty issue.
It's on newsstands now, actually.
So congratulations.
I'm so happy for you.
And thanks for everything you're doing for the bartenders
and everybody.
And I love you.
Stay safe.
My love to the family.
Bye, guys.
We'll be right back.
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Kate Hudson Unveils PEOPLE’s Beautiful Issue Cover with Daughter Rani & Mom Goldie Hawn

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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