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with everything going on right now, millions of people are tuning in every day to see our first guest Try and make sense of it all from CNN, Please welcome the tap, man, Jake Tapper.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'm used to that.
That's a smattering.
You're gonna He'll fit that.
You'll fix that in post the the applause.
Yeah, listen.
Well, not I'm gonna fix it right now.
Here we go.
Yeah, I have that for when I come home every day.
Um, it's good to see you.
How are you?
How have a house, the family We're all hanging in.
You know, I got a 12 year old daughter who you know in a 10 year old son, and, uh, the remote learning thing is it's not good.
It's That's not No, it's not how kids you're supposed to learn.
Although he dejected a he did a paper on Bill Clinton, and he loved learning about Bill Clinton's indignant lie about how you know these charges are false.
I mean, we were able to get him into history that way, So it wasn't all bad.
Uh huh.
That's a nice history lesson.
Yeah, that's so Let's talk about the new family member that you got.
I understand you.
How old is this?
And do we have a picture of this?
Scooter is various.
Schooner is Ah, somewhere between six and nine months old.
Allis has wanted him for, I don't know, about six months to a year, and through sheer attrition we agreed to do it, and it's actually her reward for her.
But mitzvah, which is which is coming up.
She's gonna have a virtual about mitzvah so it will be in our house, and that's her bat mitzvah present.
And she's she's thank you so much.
And she's Yeah, she's very happy about.
Scooter doesn't live outside in the backyard.
No, she takes him outside if it's warm enough, but he has his own.
It's not really a cages wooden.
It's it's It's a nice little home in her room.
And ah, but they're not.
When I was a kid, I had lizards on and they really smelled, especially after they died.
But we had fish, and the good news is that this is like a dry animal, so it doesn't it doesn't have the smell, at least not not that I'm able to tell right?
Don't live for, like, ever.
They live for, like, 100 years.
What you gonna do with that thing?
Well, I told Alice, you know, she has to take him to college.
So, you know, wherever she goes, wherever she's gonna have to bring the tour, they get enormous.
How is she gonna carry?
They become, like, £1000 e.
I don't think it's I don't think this is.
I'm told it's gonna get a little bit bigger, but I don't think it's gonna be a sea toward us.
I don't think it's gonna get that long, I hope I hope not.
But if one thinking of dinosaurs, But you know, they know they have huge, huge tortoises, and they lived to be like, 100 years old, with a good let's look into this.
Somebody looking to good news, Ellen, is it that I have a friend who is very active in the conservation movement and has lots of outdoor spaces on that friend is you so so just, um I just six and I stick some stamps on him and send him on his way.
If he gets that big.
Oh, Ellen's about because according you just put stamps on.
Yeah, you know, because it would just talk itself in.
Yeah, you don't need to put it in any kind of thing.
Um, So, listen, let's talk about what's happening in the world today.
Because the last time I saw you, it was a year ago.
The Mull report was about to come out.
Now all of that seems like, you know, I mean, it was a year ago when it seems like a lifetime of that sort of those.
I mean, I never would have thought that the mullahs report those one of those of the salad days, the joyous days of the Trump administration.
The model report?
Uh, yeah, it's It's horrible.
I mean, this this pandemic is just devastating.
Ah, to so many people in terms of health, in terms of death, in terms of the economy, I don't know exactly where this is all going.
I feel like the country and governors are kind of taking a well, let's hope for the best approach with this the reopening.
And I certainly hope that that works out.
But I also see this weird.
But wearing a mask is becoming a partisan issue, which is so bizarre to me.
I mean, I know a lot of Republican governors don't want it to be one.
There was a very tearful address by the governor of North Dakota saying, Please don't you know if you wear a mask, This is not, ah, statement of what political party?
U boat.
You believe in it?
This is no.
That person might have a five year old who is dealing with cancer treatments.
This is about respect.
But according to polling, you know this is becoming yet another divide in the culture wars, which is just so bizarre to me.
I'm my dad's a doctor.
My mom's a nurse, so I just never thought of these things in those terms.
I Yeah, I would hope, and maybe it just is gonna take a little while.
But I would hope that what this does is bring us all together.
I mean, do you think that that's a possibility?
I think it is a possibility that it could some time, but I mean, I think just just pure empirical political evidence.
President Trump eyes somebody who seeks to divide.
I mean, that is one of the ways that he has risen is by grabbing a divisive issue.
Um, like the lie that President Obama was not born in the United States and writing it.
I mean, this is what he does.
His fans like it.
It brings others along Republicans, some independents, and it's kind of it's a it's a very It's quite a contrast to President Obama did things that divided the country here and there.
But But often it wasn't he wasn't intending to as a strategy.
Sometimes sometimes like, for instance, the one I think about all the time is the last thing I ever did with President Obama.
We did a ah town hall with with military members of the military and veterans and at that town hall.
So this is in 2016.
I think it was that I think that was the first year of Colin Kaepernick staging his protests, kneeling during the national anthem.
So it's to protest police brutality and innocent blacks, unarmed African American men getting killed, etcetera and Obama was asked about it by somebody who thought it was disrespectful to soldiers, thought it was disrespectful to the troops.
Um, and what Obama did was basically say that people need to listen to each other, that there they're the people who are pro testing during the anthem need to listen to the people who are offended by it.
And the people who are offended by what Colin Kaepernick was doing need to listen to why Colin Kaepernick is doing that and felt the need to do it.
But this is exactly the kind of thing that President Trump dives into in order to, you know, gin up the culture war and divide people not only badmouthing Colin Kaepernick and others, but, you know, insulting them, calling them sons of B's in a big rally.
And I think it was an Alabama, even.
And it's That's one of his keys to success if our dividing and I think that Corona viruses and the response to its been part of that as well and even something as simple.
Sorry to jump in.
But even something as simple as wearing a mask has become a political issue.
That's how this whole conversation started, Andy.
Okay, Sorry.
Thanks for jumping in.
When you want to jump in next time, listen from the beginning, and then you're free to jump in Whenever you wants his tweet, you can jump.
I'm gonna go down.
We're going to take a break and I'm going to give him some food.
He sees hungry.
We'll we'll be back.
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Jake Tapper on the Newest Member of the Family

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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