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Please welcome Aidy Bryant!
Welcome to our show for the very first time.
I'm excited.
I'm excited to meet you.
I'm a huge fan.
And you've been quarantining in New York.
Yeah, I live here.
So I'm here and it's--
It's been intense, but also kind of beautiful in a lot of ways.
Yeah, I'm sure that 7 o'clock hour-- is it 7 o'clock where
nobody stands out on their balconies,
or hangs out of a window.
That must be a beautiful sound to hear that every night.
It is, because you know, you feel like you're alone
in here all day.
And then at 7:00, I grab my pot and my spoon.
And now I've gotten used to seeing
certain neighbors out the window and we wave at each other.
And I didn't know him before and technically
I don't know them now, but to me I'm like,
the man with the mustache is back.
It must be weird--
I mean, whenever I've been in New York,
which is not that often--
I don't really get there that often,
but it's so noisy all the time.
There is just constant horns honking
and sirens and just noise.
And now, it must be so weird to have silence there.
It is weird.
It is weird.
And also I think for those first couple weeks,
there were a lot of sirens.
So many sirens.
So you just couldn't help but think of all the people
out there who were, one, needing the help, and two, working so
hard to take care of everybody.
So it's been intense.
I mean, here goes the siren now.
But I'm so proud to live here.
And I'm very proud to have witnessed how hard the city's
working to keep it going.
Yeah, well it's a resilient place with everything
that you all have gone through.
I read this in my preparation to talk to you today.
That you were working on a cruise
ship when there was another outbreak of some sort.
The norovirus.
Well, yeah.
Luckily nothing particularly hit the cruise ship
that I was performing comedy on.
But, they were really, really cautious about--
we had to constantly sanitize our hands.
Yeah, it was--
I don't know.
I wasn't built for cruise ship life in the first place,
and maybe not my comedy shows either.
How long were you on the cruise ship?
My husband and I did it-- this was before we were married,
for four months.
We lived in a room with--
Good God.
Just a bed.
No windows.
So this feels like a dream.
We've got internet.
We've got windows.
You were prepared for it.
Now, I have I've performed on cruise ships as well.
A long time ago.
And the longest stint was, like, two weeks.
But I found it really difficult, once the people
saw the act, that you know--
you can't really-- and didn't you
feel like you were drunk constantly?
Because the boat is moving.
And so you're standing up--
I mean it's a weird sensation to perform on a cruise ship.
Yeah, I both felt like I was drunk constantly,
and I was drunk constantly in order
to get through it in many ways.
Now that I think about it--
I was drunk.
Because I have that same feeling whenever I performed on land.
So now that I think about it.
So now you just wrapped season--
this is your eighth season, right?
My eighth season on SNL.
And how is it like--
I mean, doing this from home is different for me.
I'm by myself and I'm not doing sketches or anything.
But how strange is it for you to be doing that from home?
It is the weirdest experience of my life, definitely.
But it was also--
I think it almost reminded me of like when
I was back in Chicago, just trying to get going in comedy.
Like being creative in my room, and my husband
was my cameraman, my soundman, my everything.
And my dog became our personal PA.
He's scared of the tripod and scared of the green screen.
So he would walk into every shot and want to protect me from it.
There he is haunting me like a ghost.
But they had to cut him out of a lot of shots for SNL at Home.
Aw, there's nothing wrong with a dog being in a shot.
Speaking of dogs, one of my favorite sketches,
really of all time, is the sketch
that you did with Harry Styles where you
dreamt that he was your dog.
Your dog boyfriend.
Yeah, thank you.
That's one of my favorites of all time, too.
And Harry was so--
I mean, we were like, get on the floor
and sniff garbage, and eat fake ham.
And he was down for all of it.
He was the best.
Yeah, he is.
I love him so much.
He's a sweet, sweet man, and funny and great timing.
And, so that must have been really fun to work with him.
It was a living dream and I will never let go of it.
Yeah, well I don't blame you.
All right, we're going to take a break
and we're going to come back more with Aidy after this.
Hi, I'm Andy.
Ellen asked me to remind you to subscribe to her channel
so you can see more awesome videos,
like videos of me getting scared or saying embarrassing things.
Like ball-peen hammer.
And also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities,
if you're into that sort of thing.
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Aidy Bryant’s ‘Living Dream’ with Harry Styles as Her Dog Boyfriend

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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