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something I'd like you to see is Mom Splaining starring Kristen Bell.
The new season is available now on Ellen Tube.
It's sponsored by Hyundai, and you can catch all new episodes every Wednesday.
I love Kristen Bell so much I love this Siri's so much.
Here's a peek of what you can see this season.
Ho ho, ho!
Never have I ever forgot my child somewhere.
What sex?
Sometimes Mommy and Daddy come out of the shower bases.
Who told portion Wiggle your mommy Is this feeling right for Mom s hair?
Rambo in my home, where I've been for approximately 300 days And I feel safer already.
Well, you know, the thing that's interesting about babies is the way it starts, is from a male, has a cell and a woman does.
And the man the male sell.
You guys know what love is?
Maybe repeating the pool?
Yes, in the shower all the time.
Do we ever get to the toilet?
What's your five year plan?
This is Mommy's medicine.
What does it mean?
Yeah, as you can see, it's very funny.
It's also educational as well.
And we post a new episode of moms planing every Wednesday on Lee on Ellen Tube.
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A Look at Season 5 of ‘Momsplaining’ with Kristen Bell

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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