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Congratulations on Shrill.
If you haven't seen it, it's a Hulu series.
I'm not talking to you because you've seen it,
but people watching.
It's a Hulu series.
You're the executive producer.
You write.
You star in it.
Explain to everyone what it is about.
Yeah, it's based on a memoir called Shrill.
And it's basically the story of a girl who is fat and has spent
her entire life hating herself.
And, literally, trying to make herself smaller by dieting.
And she reaches a breaking point and she decides,
you know what, I want to change my life,
but I don't want to change my body.
And here I go, let's try and do it.
So she's really trying to break through all this messaging
about worth and size of body.
And, I don't know, for me, it's very
close to my own experience.
So it's been a really fun thing to put on TV.
And to have a fat lead who has a full, dynamic life
and has sex and all that stuff.
A lot of sex.
A lot of sex.
One of my favorite lines is--
I think your mother is talking about eating the six almonds
and how full she gets.
And you say, sometimes when I eat six,
I feel like I've had 12 or--
is that the line that I'm remembering?
It's hilarious.
I've never understood that.
When people say, have a handful of nuts
and that will be a snack.
It's like, no, it's not a snack at all.
Six almonds.
It's a dark way to live and--
And I think a lot of women spend most of their life
running that loop through their head.
And being like, how many almonds can I have.
And what this, and that.
And it-- it wastes a lot of your time in a lot of ways.
And it's also-- I mean, your mother just
guilting you, and talking about how full she is
and how she can't possibly eat all that.
It's that-- and I think a lot of people
can relate to their mothers doing that to them
when you're growing up.
And you know, when you're sitting there next to somebody
who's telling you that they couldn't possibly eat all that.
And then it's like, then what do I feel like trying to eat this.
Yeah, so it's all good messaging.
And there is a lot of sex in there.
A lot.
Do parents enjoy seeing that?
Or does your husband-- how does your husband feel?
I mean, it's graphic.
When the Boy Scouts show up-- when you're, you know.
Oh, Ellen.
I'm sorry, yes.
I don't think it's their favorite part of the show.
But at least how I sell it to them--
my parents and my husband-- is, I'm like,
it's a story about someone who's facing their body.
So how can you not involve sex in that?
And then also I like to get mine on set, so.
All right.
All of the characters in it are hilarious.
It's so good.
All right, so I know you're supporting the charity
Frontline Foods, right?
OK, so I'm going to give you the chance
to raise some money for them.
You play so many amazing characters on SNL.
We're going to play The Accent Game.
So you have some accents there.
You will do the accent.
I will try to guess what the accent is.
Andy, you can't play.
Right, because I'm a linguist.
Yeah, because you would figure it out too fast.
Portia and I will guess.
Portia is off to the side and she'll help me.
Hi, Portia!
Say hi.
Hi, Aidy.
There she is.
All right, so $1,000 for each one that I guess correctly.
Hey, you got your cup of coffee.
Your Governor Cuomo, of course, is doing really well right now.
New York accent.
New York.
The weather is quite hot, and it's
tres magnifique, of course.
Well, the weather's getting warmer
and that's making you look good.
New Orleans.
This baby is--
This is a boot as much as we can do, eh.
Ze bread must stay hot.
The Dusseldorf bread.
Oh, I know that wherever he is he's thinking of being--
All right.
Ding ding.
We're out of time.
We're out of time, but we're going to round it up.
I think that's pretty good.
It was close.
$10,000 to Frontline Foods in your name.
Aidy Bryant.
Thank you so much.
Shrill is currently streaming on Hulu.
Season Two.
Start from Season One.
They're hilarious.
So good.
So nice meeting you.
Thank you, Aidy.
Thank you guys so much.
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Aidy Bryant on How Her Parents Feel About Her ‘Shrill’ Sex Scenes

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林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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