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Have you been watching The Bachelor?
All right.
There was some controversy over the weeks--
this episode this week.
They're calling it Champagne Gate.
One of the women brought a bottle of champagne to share,
but then it was stolen.
I don't know why it was a big deal.
It was sitting there for someone to open.
But it made a--
anyway, people were very upset.
This is what happened.
I'm excited to share a bottle of champagne
with him that I've been saving for a really special moment.
And I wanted to open that the first night.
So it's a big deal.
It's really cute.
Oh, I'm so excited to hear.
What was that?
I heard a pop.
I don't know, did they pop it?
If they did--
Don't let them pop it, don't let them pop it.
Did they pop your champagne?
You guys.
Don't cry, Kelsey--
Don't cry.
--because you don't know.
We don't know that yet.
Go find out.
Excuse me?
I'm over it.
I'm over it.
That was supposed to be my moment.
And she took that from me.
That's my girl.
It was there.
Just sitting there.
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The Unexpected ‘The Bachelor’ Cameo During ‘Champagne-gate’

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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