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I mentioned it's day five of my 12 Days of Giveaways.
You're lucky to be here because by day six
we start to run out of the good stuff.
So this is just in time.
People at home watching that are coming, wait a minute.
I want to thank Scotch Brand for sponsoring
our 12 Days of Giveaways for the third year in a row.
They're the most trusted brand for all your gift
wrapping needs.
And I'm giving someone a chance to win
$20,000 to be featured on our new Ellentube crafting series.
So send me a video on Ellentube of your gift wrapping skills.
And right now, everybody is getting ready for the holidays.
And nobody is more ready than the Hallmark Channel.
Every year, the Hallmark Channel--
who watches the Hallmark Channel here?
A lot of people?
It's very popular.
My pet sitter-- I come home, and no matter--
that's all she watches.
I have it on a channel that I'm watching, and I come home,
and she's going to start doing things for us.
Every year, Hallmark makes a brand new batch
of Christmas movies, and here's their latest ad.
Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas is almost here.
All new movies to help you celebrate
the spirit of the season.
Christmas Under the Stars; The Mistletoe Secret;
I Told You My Mistletoe Secret, Now Tell Me Yours;
Let's Not Play This Game, Lisa; I Get It Todd,
You're Not Attracted To Me Anymore; Dammit Lisa,
You Asked Me If I Thought You Should Get a Boob Job
and I Said Yes, Because I Thought That's
What You Wanted Me To Say.
I Think Your Boobs Are Fine Small;
So You Do Think They're Small; and Lisa's New Boobs.
Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas.
Movies to watch while you're deciding what movie you really
want to watch.
We'll be back.
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Ellen Previews Hallmark's Brand-New Christmas Movies!

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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