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It's a new year.
And a lot of people are--
you know, do you have a calendar at home?
Do you buy calendars?
I do buy calendars.
I do.
What kind of calendar do you have at home?
I kind of get, like, the regular, just like regular--
Like, what are the pictures of?
Sometimes like inspirational quotes.
And then I got a comic book one as well.
So that one's cool.
So you have a calendar for every room.
You're rich.
Oh, is that--
I got my hands on some that--
because they always make really interesting ones.
This one is Cats On Catnip, which, you know--
Here's a cat all strung out.
Look at that.
Poor little kitties.
Look at that cat.
Uh-oh, that cat's had it.
Oh, man.
They do these every single year.
It seems like they're popular.
This is Nuns Having Fun.
Look, look at the fun.
Look at the fun that they're having, baking bread and all.
Here they are splashing their feet in a fountain.
Ah, the nuns.
Here they are broken down on the side of the road.
Who hasn't been stuck on the side of the road and thought,
I'm having a blast?
I want to be a nun.
All right.
Here's another one.
This is Nice Jewish Guys.
Yup, 12 months of Seth Rogen right there.
These are good.
Oh, this is one we came up with, Naughty Jewish Guys.
There's Andy.
Is that thing kosher?
But the good one-- this has a centerfold.
And look it.
That's Andy's banana right there.
Why do I have to hold it right here?
I didn't realize that when I hand.
Put that away.
I don't want to touch your banana.
If you see a calendar you think I should see,
keep it to yourself.
I'm good.
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Average Andy Gets Naughty in This 2020 Calendar

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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