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So there's a brand new game that I want to play with tWitch.
It might seem a little familiar, but trust me,
we've never played this before.
It's something I'm calling Shake, Hug, or Kiss.
Here's how it works--
in each round, three famous people will appear on screen.
We have to decide who we want to shake hands with,
who we'd want to hug, and who we want to kiss--
All right?
Wow, OK.
We're not allowed to do any of those right now,
so we have to use our imaginations.
OK, here's the first one.
Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, and a tiger.
Ah, man.
I'm going to kiss the tiger, all right, just 'cause it needs--
it needs--
Me too.
--the most love right now.
I'm going to kiss the tiger.
I'm going to shake--
I'm going to shake Carole Baskin's hand.
I'm give Joe Exotic, man.
I feel like out of all of them, he might need the hug the most,
between him and the tiger.
And I'm going to give a hug to Joe Exotic.
I would have done exactly that.
Yeah, I would've gone with that.
It's a hard choice, but yeah, that's
what I guess I would have done.
I think that's the point of this game is that it's
really difficult to say.
Let's see the next one.
What is it?
Mop Mary, real Mary, or Andy?
You better be kissin' me, tWitch.
Yeah, off top--
tWitch, you better be kissing me.
I've got to give Mary a hug next time,
so I've got to give Mary a hug, like.
Andy, you know, I'm going to definitely shake your hand,
and then I'm going to kiss Mop Mary.
OK, that's the safest thing to do.
You're a married man.
And I think that was the safest thing to do.
For sure.
Andy, it's hard for you to say, really,
because you're in there.
Maybe you sit out this round?
But I think you'd kiss me, Ellen, that's for sure.
I would, yes.
I would kiss you.
I would hug Mary.
And I would find some way to shake Mop Mary's hand.
There's no hand.
I like it.
I know.
Here's the last one.
Murder hornets, year 2020, people
who don't wear masks in public.
I'm ready to kiss 2020 goodbye.
ELLEN: Yes, that's a good one.
Kiss it goodbye.
Kiss goodbye.
I agree with that, Andy.
Yeah, I agree with that.
I would do a very quick shake with the--
oh God.
I guess I got to hug the hornet.
Yeah, I'm going to hug a hornet because I want them to know
that I'm not their enemy.
And then shake a hand with people not wearing a mask?
--don't wear a mask.
Yeah, that's good.
I don't--
Oy, and then just soap up right after.
Right, and then wash the hand for a long, long time.
Don't touch your face first.
That's how you play Shake, Hug, or Kiss.
Tune in next time when we play Slap, Squeeze, or Tickle.
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Ellen, Andy, and tWitch Play ‘Shake, Hug, or Kiss?’

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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