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We first met in a snow storm at Sundance.
I remember.
I will never forget.
And then we spent time-- what was that roundtable?
That was a Hollywood Reporter roundtable.
The Hollywood Reporter, yeah.
See, and I hadn't seen Fleabag yet.
I didn't really know that you are a true genius.
A true genius.
Right back at you.
Oh my God, remember we were both tomboys.
We discovered we were both tomboys.
Yes, we did.
Yeah, that was an amazing roundtable actually.
Everyone got very real.
Yeah, we did.
And you shaved your head when you were a kid?
Yes, and people called you Alex.
And you wore boxer shorts.
It was phenomenal.
I feel like you were there.
I wanted to shave my head so many times--
Oh my God--
--in the last six months or eight months or so.
I've wanted to have the freedom of shaving my head.
And today's the day.
Congratulations on Fleabag.
Thank you.
I've never seen a show all the way through two seasons twice.
Oh my God, really?
It's really worth it.
It's so great.
That means a lot to me.
Thank you.
And Obama said it was his favorite show.
That must have felt good.
He did.
That was the peak I think of all of this for me.
That was extraordinary, yeah.
And well, you've won every award there is.
It's amazing.
I looked-- of course, she's only like 34 years old
or something like that.
And she has a list of awards.
It's phenomenal.
And now, you're going to auction off your suit
that you wore at the Golden Globes
for the Australian people, the dire situation they're in.
Is it here?
There it is.
Yeah, bring her out.
Isn't that cool?
It's gorgeous.
Thank you so much.
Want me to hold it?
You okay?
It's quite heavy.
Oh, that's pretty nice.
But it really is.
You see the detail.
It's so incredible.
And actually, it has been sort of touched and held
by most of the people at the Golden Globes.
That was my excuse for going off and being like,
[INAUDIBLE] everybody to try and give it that life.
Somebody needs to buy this.
It's not only beautiful, but what a cause.
I mean, it is so heartbreaking.
I know.
What a sign of the climate crisis.
Poor, Australia.
The fires are so big, they're creating their own weather.
A billion animals have burned.
I know.
You've been talking about this for a long time as well.
Oh, it is heavy.
It's heavy, yeah.
Oh, it's gorgeous.
And it's very-- it's an incredibly special piece.
And I just think to be able to own something like that--
I mean, already, you've made friends.
I feel like this suits going to be
talking about this moment for quite a long time.
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Phoebe Waller-Bridge Brushed Up Against a Lot of Stars at Golden Globes

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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