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hey guys welcome to the first video of habit Harvester
now this first section we're going to talk a little bit about why we need a
habit and what a habit is so habits are especially important because a lot of
people find it very difficult to find motivation and what happens is is if you
don't need motivation and the habit is already there you will continue doing it
even when it's hard so for example you might brush your teeth nobody really
needs motivation to brush their teeth because if you've been doing it for
thirty years you just know that's what you do before you go to bed and it's the
same thing you can train yourself to read a book you can train yourself to go
for a six mile bike ride when you wake up there's all kinds of habits that you
can start and implement that will help you become more successful later on in
your life and some of those you can even start cashing out within a couple weeks
of starting so habits are especially important because we cannot rely on
motivation because motivation will go away
you know you get motivated by reading in a book or you get motivated by trying a
new sport because it's fun and it's interactive and it gets you going and
then after a while maybe three months maybe six months down the road the
motivation goes away and you start to stall on your skill level and there's
just other aspects of learning something that you start to stall and you don't
love it as much and the motivation goes away and what happens is hopefully in
those three to six months that you started the activity or started putting
money into your bank account or started reading a book hopefully you have
developed habits so that when that motivation goes away you still have that
discipline and that discipline is in the form of a habit that every day when I
wake up I read 30 minutes or every day when I wake up I'm going to go for a 6
mile bike ride and over time they will compound and they will fuel your success
now the other side of the coin is you can have bad habits you can smoke three
cigarettes a day you can smoke half a pack a day that will also compound and
lead to the unsuccessful part of your life you know you'll have higher chances
of lung cancer your friends and family may not hang around you as often if you
have a smoking habit and in this course I will aim to help you identify all the
habits in your life and reverse-engineer them say is this going to help me to get
to where I want to go so the thing about discipline is not very many people want
to become disciplined and there's a reason behind that some guys said a
quote I don't remember who it is but basically it said what differentiates
successful people from the rest of people is not what they do when they
feel like but when they don't feel like it so
anyone can go to YouTube and learn how to start playing a piano we're playing a
guitar but what will happen is they will lose motivation and it will become hard
they'll be like oh I've learned six chords and now I don't feel like
learning anymore because I've learned the song that I wanted but what
differentiates them from someone who is super successful is the fact that
someone that is super successful has continued to learn more chords they
continue to progress and advance and challenge themselves in the cool thing
about habits is once they are formed once they are locked in the neural
pathways of your brain they start to turn really difficult things things that
you might struggle with into easier things for example you might struggle
working out everyday now if you recall Arnold Schwarzenegger he worked out all
the time but now that he's in his older age he finds that it's way easier how
much easier do you think it is for him to work out that it is for someone who
has never worked out before or what about reading the more you read the
better you get at it so once you have that habit formed it'll eventually
compound and you'll read faster and you'll read more and then by the time
you're 60 or 70 imagine how much knowledge you can accumulate just by
reading 30 minutes a day so this is why we have to have habits in our lives
because there's a lot of important aspects that we don't think about and
another thing about habits is is that they're really subconscious which means
we don't think about them consciously you know you don't think about you know
when you're driving to work that route that you take every day and you've taken
for the last six years you might not even think about oh I need to turn my
blinker on here and then I need a turn you just you automatically it's a habit
your brain has established that neural pathway and that's what you do when
you're that's the intersection and if you can if you can copy and paste
basically that section of your brain into other habits like reading working
out trying to find new investments in your health wealth love and happiness
and just understanding what a habit is reverse engineering it and using it to
boost your success that's what the objective of this course is so one last
thing about habits is that they harden like concrete over time and they
compound and I think I mentioned this earlier but for example let's say you
have three dollars every day and you put that into an investment account so three
dollars every day no for a while it's going to start getting tough because
three dollars every day you might not even notice it out of your checking
account but if your can system ly taking three dollars you know
not buying that cup of coffee or not buying that candy bar and taking that
three dollars and putting it into an investment account it will start to
compound it'll become a habit you won't think about it but the results of it
will definitely be shown if you start at age 20 and you end at age 63 dollars
everyday you will have an account worth over seven hundred thousand dollars now
another example is alcohol if you have alcohol every day from the age that you
are 22 the age you are 60 there are going to be some unimaginable effects in
your health wealth love and happiness aspects of your life habits can be
positive but they can also be negative and in the next sections we're going to
talk about identifying bad habits how to get rid of them how to replace them with
better habits and how to create new habits stand alone so from this video
you need to understand that when motivation goes away you have to have
discipline and discipline manifests itself as they have it so the more
habits you have the more successful positive accelerating habits you have in
your life you will boost your success but it works the other way too because
you also have to get rid of your negative habits and if you do both of
these if you build positive habits and get rid of negative habits over time you
will see your life start to flourish you will see many positive changes in your
life and things that were once difficult will start to become easy because you'll
understand your part of the brain that has to do with habits you'll understand
the cue habit reward process and how you can implement that and how you can
implement that to create more habits so let's move on to the next section of
finding bad habits and trying to get rid of them
if you guys enjoyed that video and want to read the book I wrote that it came
from search Amazon for habit harvester or click link in the description the
book is short enough to read in one sitting but is jam-packed with tons of
information just like you saw in this video
in fact I've also added a few extra stories and fix some of the errors found
in this video course there's also plenty of amazing illustrations to aid in the
learning process and keep the book fun to read if you're interested you can buy
the Kindle version for $2.99 or sign up for a month of Kindle
unlimited to get it for free which is what I personally use and you get access
to millions of other ebooks and thousands of audiobooks included in your
Kindle unlimited membership when you buy the Kindle version you don't even need a
Kindle to read it you can download the Kindle app on your smart phone download
the software for PC or even read it on amazon.com through their cloud server if
you want to watch the rest of the videos in this series click this thingy or
check the link in the description for a playlist thank you guys so much for
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Habit Harvester - Why Habits are Important + Motivation vs Discipline

44 Folder Collection
VM3 published on July 3, 2020
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