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This is everyday grammar.
I'm Rossiya and I'm copy.
You see a Do you remember our last episode on Wishes About the future?
Yeah, What about it?
Well, this episode is about wishes in the present and the past.
Oh, I wish that I had prepared more theburbs Wish has men uses.
But the main use is when the speaker wants reality to be different.
When you were talking about regrets about the past, you can use wish with the past perfect wish.
Plus that plus past perfect.
You can leave out the word that if you want to I wish that I had studied harder at school.
I wish that Sam had come with me on the trip.
I wish you hadn't told me how the film ends to us.
Wish about the present.
You can use the simple past.
I wish I knew a second language.
I wish I lived in Paris.
I wish it wasn't so cold.
But before we go, it's important to remember one thing from all the men and uses of wish informal speaking and writing.
You used the subjunctive form were not Waas after wish.
So you wouldn't say I wish I was taller but I wish I were taller.
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Everyday Grammar: Wish (Past/Present)

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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