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Welcome to English at the movies.
Where re teach You American English?
Heard at the movies are saying Today is like I was seeing a ghost from the film German I Man.
This is a science fiction movie.
It tells about a man who sees an exact copy of himself on Lee.
Younger, 1920 years old, the younger version works or someone else as a killer.
Listen for the words like I was seeing a ghost.
It was like I was seeing a ghost like every trigger I've ever pulled.
What does like I was seeing a ghost mean, is it?
I was shocked and surprised, or I saw something that is not riel.
Listen again.
It was like I was seeing a ghost.
Theme answer is a I was shocked and surprised.
A ghost is a spirit of a dead person.
Some people believe ghosts are riel and can appear to the living in the movie.
The younger man is very much alive.
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English @ the Movies: Like I was seeing a ghost

10 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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