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My name is Baker Smart.
Actually, it's Bucky Rose month on People started calling me bacon and I just went along with that.
We grow.
Food is strong and flavor, I think, to put its A simply to call it East meets West.
While it's probably cliche is very true, it's a combination of everything.
Middle Eastern, Turkish Central Agent, Chinese you name it.
I personally love pulled off steamed rice cooked with carrots, onions and lamb.
When it comes to polo, what makes the most important the preparation of the process of preparing?
Load up the ingredients carrots I need to be sliced into correct What shapes?
Onion needs to be sliced in its own way.
Oh, meat of lamb.
I mean, we used lamb.
Mostly be.
It can be used as well, but lamb happens to just add more flavor and then cumin, salt and sugar as well.
Pat needs to be.
He did before the oil and let the oil stay in the past for a while.
Sometimes we put are more.
So put the carrots in makes them together with lamb and onions.
There's no way to measure it.
Just it's just completely up to the shot or the person who cooks it.
Here, where she feels right about it.
That's right.
Reiss covers the whole content before it gets mixed way.
Leave it for a while, like 5 10 minutes sometimes, and then you make holds on top and then just cover it for 25 or 30 minutes before it gets ready.
Well, honestly speaking, I would eat polo all day back home way used polo.
I mean, I used to be done Karekin early in the morning, like since 67 So it's not really a dish that you eat at a certain time for lunch or dinner.
I've heard of Uighurs, yes, but it was always in an academic context or little text, never in terms of the culture of the cuisine, the stuff that makes up the core of the people on.
I think that was a great way to learn holder we were today.
Wigger food is strong in both taste and smell.
It gives people nourishment and strength.
Therefore, we hope the American people like weaker food.
We hope Rieger food becomes an important part of American culture.
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Uyghur Food: 'A Combination of Everything'

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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