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  • welcome to English.

  • It's no surprise that cats like to sleep.

  • A nap is a short period of sleep.

  • There you are.

  • The movie is about to start.

  • I'm sorry I got up at five this morning to go swimming, and then I helped a friend move some furniture.

  • Are you sure you aren't too tired for this movie?

  • No, no, no.

  • I took a cat nap.

  • A zoo long is this movie isn't boring.

  • I'll be fine.

  • What are we seeing anyway?

  • The long dark winter.

  • It's a three hour foreign.

  • I hope you like subtitles.

  • A cat nap is just a short amount of light sleep.

  • During the day.

  • This expression became popular in the 18 twenties.

  • The person who first used it probably live with a lot of cats and noticed just how much basically, and that's English in a minute.

welcome to English.

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