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  • This is every day.

  • Grandma, I'm Macia and I'm Kavi.

  • Subjects and verbs must always agree with each other in number.

  • Correct.

  • That's right There.

  • No exceptions.

  • Not even one.

  • Well, it would sound weird, wouldn't it?

  • The woman worked at my favorite restaurant.

  • That's just wrong.

  • Yeah, but what if the subject and verb are separated by an entire phrase?

  • I see your point, but let's review the basics.

  • First subject verb agreement is when the subject and verb in a sentence must agree in number, meaning that both must be singular or both must be plural.

  • Didn't we'd cover this already?

  • Yes, we did.

  • But you were wondering what happens if the subject and verb are separated by a phrase Yes or a clause.

  • Do the subject and verb still match?

  • In those cases, the short answer is yes.

  • The verb always agrees with this subject, not with the noun or pronoun the phrase or clause.

  • I have a feeling many people make these mistakes, they dio.

  • So let's go over some examples.

  • The correct answer is a one of the doors is open.

  • The correct answer is B.

  • The player with the most correct answers wins the correct answer is a.

  • The books that are on the table are mine.

  • The correct answer is a.

  • The dog that has floppy ears is the cue Tous, too.

This is every day.

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Everyday Grammar: Subject-Verb Agreement & Phrases

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/03
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