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In this lesson, teacher sets up a marketplace to use in a shopping role play.
We join the class as the teacher is reviewing common phrases for shopping exchanges.
Students separate into groups using a method that requires them to talk with each other.
Good morning, class.
So we learned these expressions.
Please say them with me.
How much is how much is this?
Costs this us?
That's too much.
This too much.
Thank you.
And what do we call it when you ask for a lower price bar again?
Trying to lower the price is bargaining.
Remember, in some places you cannot bargain.
But today in our market, we can have fun and bargain.
Please line up.
By the time you woke up this morning, who woke up early?
Stand here who woke up later?
Stand here.
Okay, Now let's divide here You will be shopkeepers and you will be shoppers.
Shoppers, please take one of these Shopkeepers, Take one of these shoppers.
Take a minute to look at your shopping list.
You can come over here now.
Shopkeepers come over here.
Please stand at one of the shops.
What are these?
Those are price cards.
Put them by the things you are selling.
You paid half of that price for each thing.
So if a shopper wants to bargain, that's okay.
What do you need?
How much did you pay for this one daughter, right?
Half of $2 is $1.
Keep $1.
You earn money?
Authentic language tests.
Shopping is a good topic for roll place because it is an authentic task.
Students can gain confidence in using English when they practice in such realistic settings as we do the role play.
Remember to cooperate with your classmates.
How if a classmate does not remember how to say something, tried to help her.
Maybe took slowly and clearly.
Or C please repeat that.
Good ideas.
Now shoppers goto all of the shops and get the lowest price.
Let's begin.
How much are the apples?
They are $5 a kilo.
That's very expensive, but they taste very good.
How about $4 a kilo?
Okay, $4 a kilo.
Thank you.
How much?
This car?
It's $30 0 that's much.
But it's really beautiful.
How about 20 convinces you?
Yes, you can say no.
No, but I would take $40 for two Iscar.
Okay, I want to buy two.
You are all doing very well.
What do you think?
This is fun.
I like to bargain any questions?
Guy shopping now?
Let's change roles now.
Summary students use new language in an authentic context Through their role place.
Shoppers and shopkeepers have different information.
This creates a purpose for their communication.
Next time, join us for Unit six.
We will teach group work and writing skills.
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Let's Teach English Unit 5: Role-Plays

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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