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  • arm, arm an arm is either one of the to long body parts that joined the top of your body at the shoulder and that end at the hand or wrist.

  • Chips.

  • Chips Chips are thin, hard and usually salty pieces of food.

  • Crime, crime A crime is an illegal act for which someone can be punished by the government.

  • Fell fell.

  • Who fall means to come or go down suddenly from a standing position.

  • The past tense is Phil grabbing, grabbing to grab means to quickly take and hold someone or something with your hands or arms.

  • The Jared form is grabbing ground ground.

  • The ground is the soil that is on or under the surface of the earth.

  • Kicked off, kicked off to kick off means to force someone to leave.

  • The past tense is kicked off.

  • Lying, lying to lie means to be in a flat position on a surface.

  • The gerund is lying, minding my own business, minding my own business.

  • Minding my own business means doing what I normally dio and not bothering anyone.

  • Robber Robber A robber is a criminal who steals money or property or a thief who robs people snack snack, a snack is a small amount of food.

  • Eat in between meals.

  • Stepped step to step means to put your foot down.

  • Usually used within or on stuck stuck duck means difficult or impossible to move from a position.

  • Tripped I tripped to trip means to fall or nearly full by accidentally hitting your foot on something as you are walking or running.

  • The past tense is tripped Umbrella Umbrella.

  • An umbrella is a device that is used for protection from the rain and sun vending machine vending machine.

  • Uh, vending machine is a machine that you put money into in order to buy food or drinks.

  • In this lesson, you hear a new kind of pronoun listen to the news reporter.

  • It looks like she hurt herself while she was trying to stop the crime.

  • When the news reporter says it looks like she heard herself is using the reflexive pronoun herself, we use a reflexive pronoun when the same person is the subject and object of the sentence, and the example that you just heard the meaning is it looks like on a hurt.

  • Ana Ana is the subject of the sentence and also the object or the thing that receives the action of the verb.

  • Listen to another example from this lesson.

  • Okay, How you have to find ourselves another story, Guys, in this sentence guy is saying that he and his crew have to find a more interesting news story.

  • Uses the reflexive pronoun ourselves.

  • Notice the spelling, change the letter f in self changes to ves when the word is plural.

  • Here's a chart that shows the pronouns we learned in Let's Learn English up to now say the new ones with us.

  • Notice the spelling changes in the plural forms myself, yourself, herself, himself, itself, ourselves, yourselves themselves.

  • Now you try it.

  • Make a sentence from these two ideas.

  • I made cookies, but cookies are for me.

  • I made cookies for myself.

arm, arm an arm is either one of the to long body parts that joined the top of your body at the shoulder and that end at the hand or wrist.

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