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like the only thing harder than being the world's most extraordinary dole
Sherman no matter what challenges you face no matter how far away I might seem
the I'm with you
hello welcome to what the fuck I'm Christie and under MAT we're talking
about mister Peabody & Sherman which
I had not seen despite being the way the table who has a four-year-old
can we just got back from Mardi Gras so I missed it they're not bad at all
I'm the worst mom I could talk about it so based on the old J Ward
cartoon from the from Rocky and Bullwinkle mister Peabody is the world's
smartest dog in Sherman is his boy
I I was dreading this movie because I don't like it when my childhood
favorites get redone is being stupid hollywood movies
but holy crap surprise I like this Traci Pedersen
he me make it work told her about the way back
calls it the way back times the Sherman
penny why are you to dress like ancient Greeks to getting heat seeking to remove
plaque me
true I do you have the white and the and swallowed
10 Paul the farting Spain just like I was cringing now let's go
I have to say I there are there's a couple us or to fart poop jokes but
there are clever and his 35-year given historical
yeah I really like this movie
yes it does in the scatological humor for kidnap
but they're funny and yeah its kinda shopping yeah I think this movie does
is that it kinda nails the spear to those characters
that showed up in Peabody's improbable history in
I'm you know you get the bad you know that the really forced
hammy but kinda funny pines that that Peabody would do who knows and the
episode with the right that's other show up and
and he sells up you know the there's the pause like he knows it's common
it he knows they're going to go to court but I burrell you're doing this on
modern family for a year
so he knows the timing about yeah it's a pack I was surprised by how much I like
this because again likey
you look at the the release dates yeah you consider that this is based
you don't like the Smurfs this is based on all property that may be nobody's
really that interested in getting to know what it is you don't have enough
these cartoons are fifty years old
through is great and yeah there's nothing exceptional about this movie
the thing I always hate about the weather comes to mind is the %uh the Ron
Howard live-action Grinch movie yes
well Yahoo but a lot of films of that ilk knew where
you take this very simple story and then suddenly up to blow it up
and give the character's backstory create this third three-act structure
that just
mid yeah all that stuff really well like you actually give a shit about
the time travel you give a shit about Sherman and peabody's adoptive parent
relationship I
obvious things at stake here is to get there there's things at stake there is
the the relationships matter
I you've been %um the characters are
just the sort of be two-dimensional cardboard gag machine like their
relationship is actually a key thing in the film
and they pull it off for her arm and it's really smart about
a with the history that is put in this film a lot of it is
playoff love historical misconceptions like that the whole thing bill from the
fact that
the Maria to that never actually said let them eat cake
there's a whole thing built around the back the George Washington never
actually cut down a cherry tree or something like that
to the movie is is arguably even educational but it really hurts
wealthy and it is adult funny not in a good an inappropriate way but just in a
smart way like
a mystery body one point invite over the
%uh the this kid at school band bowling Sherman
and the girls parents and he makes them cocktails as I call this the Einstein on
the beach
you what they had I laughed a lot and I was amazed at how much actually cared
about the story
its sweet ended it's really good when their kids at your screening
the orchid and how did they react when a way bailout they were running up and
down the aisle was going to hit me right there into it
game there's definitely some jokes in here that I think we're gonna go over
the kids had
oh yeah no question but this is a funny movie it's funny and like you said like
the story works
there's things at stake for the characters you by the relationships
it's alright you know it doesn't fall back on what a lotta kids movies do when
Jeff Pratt also
they make a point about pratfalls in here but you can also upgrade
tiny I think this is a friend I think this was gonna catch what people off
that its what happened but lonely too yeah it's still a better day by day
going going going to go ahead with the lady who had like a like a movie not as
much as you guys did but in
it's the same thing in the you go in thinking about what your right hand
at toy commercial know how this year that you know god you're gonna be
totally poop on my memories of Germany peabody
and a bit it's better than you think it's going to bed now I wanna go take my
kid to a matinee oh this on hand
they really sold me on that yes movie isn't wall to wall last insane and it's
to lego movie has it's smarter and it's a little bit more subtle but I think
it's just as good
shocking so what are your numbers I'm gonna i'm saying eight
yes say about the date I'm gonna up mind to what I'm
wowie crap so it's okay to have is our habits here and I don't know anything
about how I meter it's up in the seventies
husband Joe that might occur all week because I
see my yeah so some eighty percent mean a meter and
Wow CUSIP bike
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Mr. Peabody & Sherman (Starring Ty Burrell) Movie Review

10 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on July 3, 2020
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