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in this lesson, the teacher presents the learning strategy summarized.
We join the class after the feature has introduced the unit.
Students have practiced saying the new words and filled in their own family trees.
Good morning.
Who is ready to talk about your family?
I am ready.
Great class.
Let's listen to Julia.
Then I will summarize.
What does that mean?
First I will listen to Julia.
Then I will repeat her words in a shorter way.
Summarizing helps you understand and remember better.
Julia, tell us something about each person in your family tree.
There are three women in my house.
My mother, Leah, my sister Stella and me.
Julia, my sister is pregnant.
She also has a son, Eric.
I am his aunt.
My mother is his grandmother.
Thank you.
Now to summarize modeling the strategy afterwards, the teacher models the strategy.
Summarize by giving a summary of the students description.
She explains that summarizing helps in learning English.
You have three women in your house.
Your sister is pregnant and she has a son.
You are an aunt.
Your mother is a grandmother.
Learning to summarize is helpful for learning English.
Let's stand up and make a line by your birthday's herring.
Students at random teacher uses a technique to randomly assigned partners.
Students must talk with each other to line up in order.
This gives more variety to pair work and promotes active communication between students.
January of the Front December at the end in January, February May 7 Okay, now bring the line around the person across from you is your partner.
This group.
Tell about your families, this group listen and take notes.
Please have a seat.
Partners listen carefully.
I'll ask you to summarize for your partner.
Take notes on your paper.
Raise your hand when you're finished.
Your brother, Father Dear Mother Yvonne.
Now hand the family tree to your partner.
Listeners look for someone who has no paper.
Tell them about your partners family practicing the strategy.
After the students talk in pairs, they summarize what they learned for a new partner.
This creates a communicative situation in which the student who was summarizing his information that the listening student does not have.
This is Miriam's family.
She has a dead in a month, and then she has a brother and her sister, Bihar.
How old is she she's six years older.
This activity gives each student timeto work actively with two other students while practicing summarizing.
Next time, join us for Unit two Way will teach listening skills and cooperative learning.
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Let's Teach English Unit 1: Learning Strategies

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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