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welcome to English class 101 coms British English in three minutes the
fastest easiest and most fun way to learn English hey everyone I'm Gina in
this series we're going to learn some easy ways to ask and answer common
questions in English it's really useful and it only takes three minutes in this
lesson you're going to learn how to ask someone where they went to school or
university asking someone where they went to university is a good small talk
question and conversation starter however you have to be careful not to
offend people if they didn't go to university I'll tell you how to do this
the question is simple if the other person is over 22 it's likely they will
have left University already so you ask using the past tense where did you go to
university the answer to this question is really easy all you say is I went to
the name of the University in and then the city I went to Imperial College in
London if the name of the city or town is part of the university's name like
Tokyo University or Oxford University you can add the name of the country
instead I went to Tokyo University in Japan once you've heard the other
person's answer it's polite to make some kind of comment for example wow that's a
really famous university or just oh really sometimes when you ask where did
you go to university the other person might reply I didn't go to university in
this situation you should be careful how you reply so as not to appear rude it's
polite to not act surprised with instead make a positive comment like oh
really or ask the question like did you go straight into a job now it's time for
Gina's tips a good follow-up question to keep the conversation going is to ask
the other person what did you study or what was your major this gives them an
opportunity to talk about something they're interested in in the next lesson
you'll learn how to ask another basic question about the other person that's
do you have any brothers or sisters see you next time
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Learn English - British English in Three Minutes - Asking "Where did you go to school?"

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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