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  • Welcome back to Weekly Words. My name is Alisha, and this week we are going to talk about words

  • that end with X.

  • First is 'equinox'. There are two equinoxes per year. There is

  • a fall equinox, and a spring Equinox. It's the days where the day time and the night

  • time are of equal length. In a sentence, “You having a party for the equinox this year?“

  • "Today is the spring equinox. Did you know that?” Okay, anyway.

  • Onward! Next is 'jinx'. We can use this as a noun or as a verb. A

  • jinx is somethingit's a curse reallysomething that brings somebody bad luck. In North America,

  • maybe in your country as well, when kids say something at exactly the time, in exactly

  • the same words, one or both of them will often yell, “Jinx!”And then they'll sometimes

  • say, “You can't talk until I say your name.”'To jinx' can also be used as a verb to curse

  • somebody. “The witch jinxed me, and now I am a werewolf.” I don't knowthe more

  • you know.

  • Okay. 'Fox'. Fox is another word. Great fox. Fox is a mammal,

  • usually a reddish brown color, lives in forests. In some cultures it's associated with trickery,

  • has a big bushy tail, often very cute, has a red belly sometimes. Fox facts. Fox! In

  • a sentence, “My favorite animal is the fox.”“What does the fox say?”

  • Climax is common in movies or in books. It's whatever the most intense scene in the

  • movie is, the most intense scene in the book is. Something where everything comes to a

  • peak and it has the most action, the most drama in a movie, whatever. The most intense

  • point of something is the climax. In a sentence, “The climax of the movie was the most exciting

  • part.” “What movie has the best climax that I remember? Obviously The Lord of the

  • Rings. Yeah, it was the last one. The Return of the Kings, like that scene where Legolas

  • rides the elephant, you know?”

  • 'Wax'. Life's most important substance. Wax. I'm

  • imagining surf boards. Surfers will put it on their surf board to help their board glide

  • through water. You can put it on your car to make your car look a lot shinier. There's

  • also earwax. A little bit gross. It's the, kind of, I don't even know, gross stuff that

  • gets inside your ears if you don't clean them well enough. Wax, yeah. In a sentence, “Wax

  • your car to make it shiny.”

  • And that's the end of words that end with X, give them a try, they're interesting. Thanks

  • very much for joining us this week, we will see you again soon for more fun stuff. Bye!

  • Excellent, we learned something.

Welcome back to Weekly Words. My name is Alisha, and this week we are going to talk about words

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