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I want to speak real English from your first lesson.
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Hi, everybody.
My name is Alicia.
In this lesson, I'm going to talk about some phrase Alvar verbs that use the word push.
So these are expressions that feature the verb push but have a slightly different meaning from the basic meaning of push.
Let's take a look.
Okay, let's begin with the first expression, which is push off to push off means to begin moving.
Usually, we use this with a boat.
When we say push off, it's like we're pushing away from some kind of like safety or some kind of support.
We typically use this for boats to mean moving away from like a dock, moving away from land, moving away from the part of the boat that's connected to some safety on land.
So we use this, like to refer to moving away from a safe place, but it tends to be used a lot in boats.
An example of this We pushed off at 8 a.m. So here it's the past tense we pushed off, and the time we pushed off a 8 a.m. means probably the boat left the safe place at the dock at 8 a.m. So to push off means to begin moving away from something away from something some kind of support.
Okay, let's move along to the next expression.
The next expression is to push by.
To push by something or to push by someone means to use a pushing motion to move past someone or something.
We use this a lot with people in a crowded situation where you're near someone else.
But you would like to move past that person.
You can use a slight pushing motion, a gentle pushing motion, uh, to move past that person so you don't want to maybe push them a lot.
But you can alert the other person.
You can tell the other person you're going to pass them with this expression.
For example, I'm gonna push by you.
I'm gonna push by you shows I'm going to push myself, or I'm maybe going to push something close to you, or I might push you a little bit.
It refers to making a pushing motion to move somewhere, so to push by someone in this case to push by you.
In other words, I'm going to make a pushing motion and move past you.
It's usually a small pushing motion, not a big one s.
Oh, this is just a quick kind of alert phrase.
You can tell someone as you move by them.
Okay, let's move along to the next expression, which is to push someone around to push someone around means to bully someone toe bully someone.
So you can imagine this is in a situation where there is someone maybe higher level and someone lower level.
This could be it school.
It could be at work.
It could be in groups of friends.
When you push someone around, you are unkind to them.
You make unkind comments to them.
You ask them to do lots of things for you for kind of no reason just to use your power over that person.
We used the expression to push someone around to talk about bullying someone like this.
An example.
Don't let your boss push you around.
So in other words, don't let your boss bully you.
Don't let your boss, uh, make you do so many things Or don't let your boss be rude to you, so to push someone around, it's like you're using them or you're not treating them with respect.
It's not a good thing.
It's a negative expression.
Okay, let's move on to the next phrase.
A verb.
The next phrase will burb is to push limits to push limits.
You'll hear this a lot in technology news business, perhaps as well.
This expression means to work at the extremes, so you can imagine that there's some kind of boundary, some kind of limit in your field at your job in your life.
Eso to push those limits means to work there and try to expand those boundaries.
You're working it like be extreme part of your job or the extreme part of your industry, your knowledge or whatever it is in your case.
And you're trying to make that like bigger.
You're trying to expand that.
So we used the expression push limits to refer to that kind of thing.
A very common example is we're pushing the limits of technology.
So here it's the progressive tense were pushing the limits of technology, in other words, were trying to make the limits of technology a little bit bigger or we're trying to go to the next step, kind of.
So we're pushing the limits.
This is an expression we use to talk about like next generation things.
They're kind of evolution of some kind.
Another way to think of pushing limits is like doing the impossible or working to do the impossible.
So something that's not possible now may become possible through your efforts.
So it's like you're trying to do something that's not possible in the present, but you want it to become possible in the future.
You're pushing the limits of what's available to you now.
Okay, let's move along to the next phrase all bourbon.
The next Brazel verb is to push ahead.
I want to group this with the next one in the list as well, to push ahead and to push along.
These have quite similar meanings.
Push ahead feels a little more like to make efforts to create forward progress, to push ahead, like to the next step with something to push ahead in a project to push ahead in your business idea to push along is kind of like to cause someone else to make that forward progress so you can use it for a project as well.
Like to try to push along a project.
But when we use push along, it's like you're trying to kind of help something or help someone else make forward progress so they tend to be used in very similar ways.
But perhaps there are some slight differences in nuance.
We might use push along mawr with people than push ahead.
So, as I said, push ahead kind of feels like making efforts to make forward progress, to move to the next step with something, Um, and then we can think of push along as like moving something forward or causing another person to move forward as well.
So let's take a look at some example sentences.
First, let's push ahead to the next step.
So let's make efforts to move to the next step in the thing we are doing in the second example sentence with push along.
I've used a person here.
Can you try to push him along?
So can you try to motivate him to encourage him?
Try to push him along, meaning get him, motivate him to do his tasks, or to do the things he needs to do so we can go to the next step.
So you're trying to get someone moving here.
So quite similar ideas, but maybe slight differences in how they are used.
Okay, let's move along to the next expression, which is push back to push back means to resist something, to resist something or to oppose something.
Eso This is used a lot in politics and in business in any kind of like discussion, where there's a lot of disagreement to push back against something.
Usually you're opposing an idea opposing a person and opposing a policy.
So to push back is to resist that or to oppose that.
An example.
Management pushed back against our proposal, So we made a proposal for something in the office and management opposed that they did not want to do that thing.
They resisted, so they pushed back.
You might also here this used as a noun pushback pushback, so not to push back.
But there was pushback against our proposal so you can hear this used as a phrase Alvar verb or as a noun, but they both refer to resisting or opposing something OK, one more than for this lesson.
It is to push for something to push for.
Something means to try to persuade someone of something.
So if you really, really want to get something, you're trying to convince someone.
Ah, something is a good idea or you're trying to convince someone to give you something.
We can use the expression push for that thing to describe that.
So in this example sentence, it feels kind of like you're persuading yourself a little bit like you're trying to motivate yourself making efforts for yourself for your future.
You could also use this in talking to other people in trying to convince other people, like trying to push your boss for a raise, for example.
So it means you're trying to convince your boss or persuade your boss to give you a raise.
A raise is increased salary, increased money at your job.
So pushing for something is like you're trying to make efforts in order to achieve something, or to get something, or to convince someone of something, so to push for a thing.
Okay, so those are a few examples of some phrase Alvar verbs that use the word push.
I hope that you found something new here Ah, so keep an eye out for these the next time you see them in writing.
Of course, if you have any questions or comments or want to practice using one of these phrase, will verbs please feel free to do so in the comments section of this video?
If you like the video, please don't forget to give it a thumb's up, subscribe to our channel and check us out at English Class one No one dot com for other good English study tools.
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8 Most Common Phrasal Verbs with ‘PUSH’: push in, push off, push on...

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