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welcome to English class 101 coms British English in three minutes the
fastest easiest and most fun way to learn English hey everyone I'm Gina this
series explains some easy ways to ask and answer common questions in English
it's really useful and it only takes three minutes in this lesson you're
going to learn some different ways people will ask you where are you from
first though where are you from can mean many different things
it can mean which city are you from or which country are you from
in fact Brits ask this question to each other all the time to learn which part
of the UK the other person comes from if you want to answer this question there
are two ways to do it you can say I'm and then your
nationality as in I'm Japanese or I'm Brazilian or you can say I'm from and
then the country you are from as in I'm from Italy or I'm from Thailand
if you're from a really famous city or place you can say that too
for example I'm from Beijing or I'm from New Delhi of course in the United
Kingdom as in other parts of the world people may be a little more indirect
because they want to be polite to do this they might ask you if you are from
the place where they met you for example if you meet someone in London they might
ask are you from London or if you are in York they might ask are you from York
many parts of the United Kingdom are very multicultural so asking the
question this way avoids what could be an
embarrassing mistake you can answer this the same way you answer where are you
from just add a simple no in front for example you can say no I'm and then your
nationality no I'm French or no I'm from and then your country no I'm from Russia
now it's time for Gina's tips the UK is a diverse place people you meet may take
great pride in the place or region they come from if you ask someone about where
they're from they may respond by saying something like Yorkshire Lancashire or
hartfordshire if they answer in this way it usually means they are interested in
talking more about their region and how it differs from others in this lesson we
learned some different ways to ask where are you from do you know what to ask
when you don't know someone's name of course you do but what do you say when
you forgotten someone's name find out in the next British English in three
minutes lesson see you next time
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Learn English - British English in Three Minutes - Where are you from?

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林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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