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Hi! Hey! Hi! Hello! What's up? Hey! Sup? Dude! OK!
Hi everybody, welcome back to weekly words. My name is Alisha and we are going to talk
about holiday today. So let's get into it.
Today's holiday is Earth Day.
Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd every year and the purpose of Earth Day is to be
aware of earth, to be aware of the environment and to take some time just to appreciate the
nature around us. In a sentence, are there any Earth Day celebrations in your community
this year? Green, green of course is a color but it's also commonly used to talk about
policies or maybe products that are earth friendly. So for example, my company has green
policies regarding paper use.
The next word is Organic. I feel like there's just been this boom in organic products and
organic foods in particular. So organic can refer to – at least in my mind, organic
refers to food products that are made without using any chemicals but it seems that there
are some pesticides or some chemicals that can be used in organic farming to keep bugs
and other not so good creatures off the food. So there might be different laws in your country
for defining organic or just not organic products but it's kind of become a buzz word in the
last maybe like 10 or 15 years or so. I think many people have the image that organic foods
are not healthier for you or it's you know better for the earth. So this might be a word
that you see a lot around Earth Day celebrations, organic foods or organic products. In a sentence,
I tried to buy only organic food because I feel that it's better for my body.
Next is endangered species. An endangered species is an animal or plant I suppose or
any type of living organism that is in danger of going extinct, in danger of dying out.
So for example, dinosaurs are extinct. They are no longer on the earth. Any species of
creature that is in danger of becoming extinct is referred to as an endangered species. So
I think for example there are some tigers that are endangered species, Rhinoceros that
are endangered species and a few others. I am sure there are a lot of others actually.
So on Earth Day, people might discuss endangered species and how we can work to ensure that
they don't become extinct. It's important that we be conscious of endangered species
around the world. Okay so in an example sentence, pandas are an endangered species.
The next word, next phrase is global warming. Global warming in recent years, this term
is kind of changed over to Global climate change as well. Anyway global warming just
refers to the changes that are occurring on earth and how the earth is gradually becoming
warmer year after year. In a sentence, global warming is a problem that affects us all.
And that's the end of Earth Day, Earth Day vocabulary and Earth Day words. If you have
an Earth Day celebration in your community, maybe you will see some of these words or
similar words surrounding that celebration. Thanks very much for joining us this week
and we will see you again next time, bye.
How many things are on the endangered species list? Is there a list?
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English EARTH DAY Words with Alisha

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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