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Okay, welcome back to Weekly Words. Weekly Words. I'm Alisha, and today we're going
to talk about words that make you sound smart. Oh, I'm all
over this one.
First word is “esoteric.” When something is “esoteric,” it's... Alright, so the
word “esoteric” refers to and “something that requires specialized knowledge.”
So in a conversation, somebody might use this word to say, “Sorry to be esoteric,” and
then they'll continue talking about some subject or some concept that requires a certain level
of knowledge in a given field.
Next word... “Superfluous.” Um, “superfluous” just means “extra,” really. Can a person
be “superfluous”? So “superfluous,” yeah, just, just refers to stuff that's maybe
not necessary or the... the extra just stuff or extra, extra things in a given context.
So maybe, “Oh I have so much superfluous stuff in my kitchen.” Course using “superfluous”
in such a casual way like that is very unnatural, but you could do if you really wanted to sound smart.
“Acquiesce.” “Acquiesce,” um, means to, um, like you might have like… Oh, can
I say a line from Pirates of the Caribbean? Something like, “He will not acquiesce to
your request,” or “She will not acquiesce to your request.” Just means you won't”
obey or listen or do as told.” Um, but that, it's the same exact meaning to “acquiesce”
to accept something, or, yeah, to go along with.
“Angst.” “Angst” refers to just kind of this, errr, like that, that unhappy feeling,
the sort of angry, maybe melancholy, or just feeling like, you know, you're misunderstood.
So a teenager, or I suppose a teenager themselves might not use this word, but the parents of
a teenager might say, “Oh, my teenager is so filled with angst.”
“Kitsch.” “Kitsch.” “Kitsch” refers to, in my mind anyway, just, um, junk, honestly.
It's the little things that, you know, might crowd your house, like a snow
globe or special little ornaments or just, you know, decorative knick-knacks. You might
say, “Oh, my aunt's apartment's really “kitschy.” I mean she has maybe like a
lot of knick-knacks, or the style is just kinda meh.
Alright, that is the end, so those were a few words to make you sound smart. I hope
that you learned something. I certainly did, and I'll see you again next time. Thank you.
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Weekly English Words with Alisha - Words to make you sound smart

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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