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inside the unregulated homes, failing to protect our most vulnerable Children.
It was a little hellhole.
Living here was a punishment.
We hear stories of abuse, exploitation and despair.
How many times did you attempt to take your life from times?
But I was actually discussed and no one should ever laid a hand on someone.
Not We exposed the dangers facing some of our most vulnerable Children.
People bringing in acids, life, samurai swords, everything.
I don't know.
I don't even get parceled cameras.
How do you sum up your experience?
Whoever did what they did, someone is to pay a price for the pain.
We reveal the confidential briefing sent to authorities and speak to a worker who witnessed the failures.
And that was it.
That was the last time I saw trafficked got gone.
What is the next home?
A year ago, we were told vulnerable Children were being badly failed by authorities across England and Wales.
Increasingly, teenagers aged 16 and over on often in care, are being placed in homes where checks are only made by councils are not a regulator.
This is where she lived.
We obtained this confidential briefing Center round councils with claims of serious, safe guarding failings in homes run by company called Centurion Care.
We set out to find the young people affected.
It was horrendous drug taking motorbikes being stolen.
We've learned police were conducting surveillance on this home for young people caught up with criminal gangs.
I saw them did in drugs over the back wall while other vulnerable people lived in side.
I used to live on this top.
Carla spend years in foster homes before being sent to Centurion Care so myself arm would be quite severe.
There was a situation where being really bad on died, lost a lot of blood and I went down to the number of staff, knows that you need to take me to the hospital and they were like, No, I can't leave the boys unattended, refusing to take you to hospital.
Yeah, he was like, Oh, you should just go walk to the shop, she says.
She was taken to a pharmacy an hour later, just a house where people profit from young, vulnerable Children.
Centurion Care told us all of their homes had first aid kits.
Incidents were recorded and sent to social workers.
On one occasion Carlo was taken to hospital and they cooperated with police installing CCTV to prevent drug dealing.
Look down the left.
We then move to another Centurion Caro, two miles away, where they looked after a boy with learning disabilities.
There's a camera, and we obtained this a recording outside the home, showing the child in the yellow shirt in distress, lashing out.
Police were called here to an allegation of an assault by a boy on a worker.
We can't be sure what led up to this, but watch had the worker responds.
Tear was also a resident at the time.
That would probably scared the life out of him.
They used to swear, scream in his face.
Tell him that good Take his bloomed away and they just used to take home pa poems threatening with police.
He was absolutely petrified, Centurion Care told us.
Police were given CCTV.
No one was charged with an offence and they weren't aware of any allegation of bullying on this boy.
During our investigation, we also heard stories of vulnerable Children exposed to weapons, drugs and organized crime drug deal in people bringing an acid.
This teenager also lived in the home run by Centurion Care in life.
Samurai swords, everything.
I don't know how they even get parceled.
Cameras terrified he'd lock himself in his room.
How do you know it was acid in the bottle?
Because I opened it up smartly and it burnt my nose.
What was your reaction?
That and then they dropped the old.
But what before and what did you do?
Put it down.
Went straight into my room, barricade my door because they feel safe.
He says Strangers were coming and going from the home every 10 minutes of your scan, like going to shake in and out in the now go around the corner during their drug deals or whatever and then coming back to that house is basically just a drug deal house.
But I lived there because I couldn't go in our world Centurion care totals.
They worked with police and neighbors to prevent drug dealing in any young person who smoke cannabis in the placement was asked to leave of the eight young man whose stories we've followed in Centurion Care.
We've learned that four were sent or of return to prison since leaving the homes in Manuel and will there one family agreed to let us talk to their son inside prison.
However, they didn't bet you weren't eating inside the patient off, but one that one hung up like many unregulated homes is down to the young person to manage their finances and food.
Emmanuel repeatedly disappeared because he was involved in county lines.
Drug dealing.
How did they get to you in the home?
How did they find you in Basildon?
Would you have said no?
Uh, no.
Did you ever ask the staffing sides enjoying care for help?
You know that the way I needed to be stopped.
Emmanuel was jailed for possession with intent to supply heroin and crack cocaine.
Centurion Care said they felt all Children were safe and secure across their placements.
We spent weeks trying to track down someone who knew the Children involved.
They were all very high risk.
Andi was a support worker across many of the homes.
Sexual exploits includes drugs and alcohol abuse.
From that had disabilities will in one roof.
You see, most shocked by what happened here.
And he remembers a girl who regularly went missing.
I just saw a bunch of blazing and she just jumped in really from this spot from this spot.
And that was it the last time.
So trafficked, gone, gone.
She was missing for more than a week before being found in the Midlands.
Police ended up finding also what's happened.
There's no suggestion Centurion Care staff were involved in her trafficking.
It took months to find out who she waas where she now lived.
You know, if you go for things, were like the care system way.
It's just they give up, you're alone.
What was the impact on you being taken like that about inputs?
It was worth no.
No one deserves that.
Like many Children in care, she was placed in a home outside of a local authority.
I didn't have no friends or anything.
I was always just running away, trying to get away from the home, trying to get away from the environment, staff them, she says.
She was also sexually abused by a young person in the home that the staff members phone the police.
No did the staff members removed the boys from the home who had been hurting our.
They just told me that me and the guy were in a relationship.
They told me that that's what I wanted.
Centurion Care told us all staff had safeguarding training.
Missing person procedures were followed.
They had no record of a sexual assault allegation.
What were you hoping it would pay?
Just like a fresh start.
The homes were closed in 2017 and the company dissolved when an investigation was launched over organized and complex abuse facing Children in the homes.
Absolute manic wild.
Some people had drugs in the house.
There was some people that ended up having like, you know, a large amount of cash and there is nothing you could have really done about because of the staff members didn't do anything.
So this confidential council briefing we've obtained on Centurion Care says some workers were known to police for arrests that didn't lead to charges.
Centurion Care says it's not aware of these disclosures on any of the workers enhanced DBS checks, which were available, that's every local authority inspection and no concerns were raised.
Vulnerability was quite high, and he says a girl reported being taken from one of the homes given alcohol and drugs before having sex with a man who occasionally worked in the home.
Police said there was not enough evidence any crime was committed.
The confidential briefing says the man had several convictions and had been previously investigated but not charged from alleged sex offense involving a child.
Centurion Care said the contractor didn't need to be.
DBS checked.
His role was known to the local authority.
They cooperated with the police and there was no further action.
The Cross England There's around 5000 Children in unregulated homes, many highly vulnerable, all facing the same risks.
I am outraged, amount raised and upsets in equal measure about what I've just seen.
Dame Louise Casey led an investigation into Rotherham Council after hundreds of Children were sexually exploited in the toe.
It's not a loophole, it's a scandal.
I want those homes regulated.
How urgent is that?
Tomorrow, The shame is that it's taken the BBC the same way it wasn't Rotherham.
It took the media to lift the little lead.
She first.
Young people are being protected in unregulated homes, are exposing their voices, which I can only hope means that it's listen to in a different way.
It's time for Whitehall to wake up to this.
It's a disgrace if action isn't taken on the back of this program than were colluding in letting groomers predatory Peter Files go after those Children.
And that's our responsibility.
And that's why I find it so upsetting.
Across England and Wales has been more than a dozen so called organized and complex abuse investigations into failures to protect Children in unregulated homes.
The stories of those Children are unlikely to ever be heard.
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Findings of BBC report on kids in care 'a scandal' - BBC News

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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