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The House Commons has elected Sir Lindsay Hoyle as its new speaker, succeeding John Berko a few days before the official election campaign gets underway on Wednesday.
Sir Lindsay, originally a Labour MP, was formerly deputy speaker.
Auntie secured a significant majority in the final round of voting in the Commons just a couple of hours ago at the speaker's role, of course, has been crucial in recent years as Parliament has struggled to deal with the Brexit crisis.
As our chief political correspondent Vicki Young tells us, we're going to be hearing are not more of this man's voice in the coming months as he oversees the next chapter in these tumultuous political times according to parliamentary tradition.
So Lindsay Hoyle had to be dragged to the speaker's chair where he made this promise that will be neutral.
I will be transparent.
I think this house we could doom or to ensure that that transparency continues.
His family were watching from the public gallery, and he spoke of their heartache over the death of his 28 year old daughter.
My daughter Natalie.
I wish you had been here.
We all base it is a family no more so than a memory.
I'm going to say she was everything to all of us.
She will always be missed, but you will always be.
Oil was elected the Labour MP for surely in 1997 and he's being deputy speaker for nine years.
He's steeped in politics.
His dad was also an MP.
His pets are named after famous politicians.
A dog called Gordon, a tortoise named Maggie Apparent named Boris I'm no good a call the first time the prime minister kindliness of the speaker is absolutely critical to our confidence on Mr Speaker.
Over the years, I have observed that you have many good qualities.
People are put under enormous stress, both staff and members.
This house, I know you take your responsibilities in that area very, very seriously.
The speakers appearance might have changed over the years, but their role keeping order in the Commons is as crucial as ever.
They can influence what gets debated, but some thought John Berko went too far, bending the rules to side with anti Brexit MPs.
Sir Lindsay Hoyle supporters say he'll adopt a down to earth calm approach when he swaps his Lancastrian home for the Grand speakers residence in the Palace of Westminster.
I think Speaker is unlikely to be as controversial as the last.
Vicky Young, BBC News doctors and health service leaders in England have warned party leaders against using the NHS as a political weapon during the general election campaign.
NHS Providers, which represents hospitals and other health trusts, says that spending promises made in the heat of the election battle risk creating unrealistic expectations among voters.
As our health editor Hugh Pym told us, a nice big bus, you will come.
It's a familiar story at elections down the decades political party leaders visiting hospitals, it is possible it's the same.
Once again.
Boris Johnson is in a hospital almost daily, while Labour today also focused on the health service.
But there's a warning.
The debate has now got out of hand.
We would ask our politicians to exercise a bit of self control on to make sure that the ever the debate we're gonna have is evidence based.
It's mature and it's not just political punch and Judy Health leaders say it's all the more important to have a considered debate about the future of the NHS because it's under immense strain.
Right now, they say they're worried about the level of pressure even before winter has really set it.
So how does this hospital chief executive see things?
We've been very busy over the summer here, not kings.
It's really important that we have the right staff available to us.
We're going to see some real peaks in demand.
Staffing is a problem.
There are 107,000 vacancies across the NHS in England.
On all this is demands rising with nearly 4% more emergency hospital admissions over a year.
What about GP practices?
One doctor gave her perspective.
All winters are the same or similar.
Aziz JP's.
We expect to be working a little bit harder.
Longer are saying a few more patients.
The latest figures show there were 4.4 million people waiting for routine surgery in England.
A record high on nearly 65,000 in September had to wait more than four hours for a bed after being admitted through A and A.
We asked patients and visitors outside of London Hospital this evening about their experiences.
This student has been waiting in a any with her friend.
What sort of atmosphere is there in there, people seem to be in quite a pain.
People keep going up to the desk asking when they'll be seen next, so people feel quite impatient.
This woman says she and her Children have been well cared for.
Basically, on the whole we were seen on and I think it's fantastic service and very grateful for the NHS Westminster election.
NHS debate is mainly about England.
The devolved administrations run their own health systems that there's no doubting the passion for the NHS right across the UK.
Que pin BBC news In some of the day's other election used, Nigel Farage has unveiled the Brexit Party 600 election candidates, though he isn't one of them, saying that he believes the party is more of a danger to Jeremy Corbyn than to Boris Johnson because he says, five million Labour supporters voted to leave you in the 2016 referendum.
The Lib Dems are taking legal advice over I TV's decision to exclude them from its forthcoming TV debate between Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn, the leader.
Jo Swinson claims the Tres is the true party of remain on that she is the only female leader with a shot at becoming prime minister.
Leader off by Temarii Adam Price launched the party's general election campaign in on this morn angle.
See, he accused both Labour and the Conservatives of having failed whales and said the country's future should be as an independent nation.
Now the Commons Intelligence and Security Committee report into possible Russian interference in UK elections will not be published before the general election.
The committee chair, the former conservative now independent MP Dominic Grieve, said that number 10 was being disingenuous and misleading by claiming that there wasn't enough time to publish the report it has received.
Security clearance on the BBC understands there is no administrative reason for it not to be made public now.
The leader off the Scottish National Party, Nichola Sturgeon, has accused Boris Johnson of treating Scottish voters with contempt after he ruled out allowing a second referendum on independence.
The SNP have made another referendum a key feature of the election campaign off the 13 conservative seats in Scotland.
Right now, over half are considered to be marginal and that means that the swing off some 5% or less could see a change, as are Scotland editor Sarah Smith explains.
Now in Sterling, the fight is as tight as it gets.
The tour is won by less than 150 votes when they took their seats from the SNP in the last election.
No wonder voters air fortifying themselves, ready for a campaign in which the divisive question of independence is likely to dominate.
I think it's going to be independence related.
So if all of Scotland is covered with SNP, remember the parliament then that clearly shows something important.
I think independence will be a big issue, but there are other aspects to look out as well.
Do you think we should be looking at?
I think we should be.
Yes, the yes movement gathered on massing gloves goes George Square this weekend Believe this election could be the next step toward an independent Scotland, especially?
No, the SNP have put it at the very heart of their campaign, for everyone here is impatient to see an independent Scotland.
They know this general election could be crucial.
A good result for the SNP.
We'll make it that bit harder for Westminster to refuse to allow another independence referendum.
So do you see this election essentially is a referendum on whether or not Scotland should be allowed to have an independence referendum.
It certainly you know, the big issue at the heart of this election in Scotland.
Do be warned, our future determined for orders by the likes of Borders Johnson.
Or do we want to take her future in total on hands and determine the path we take in the kind of country we want to be?
The Tories are looking to spread the same message.
Independence is a much easier topic for them than Brexit in a marginal seat like local and South character.
They love it every time Nicholas Sturgeon talks about another referendum, what do you think?
I think you pee because when every time you Nichola goes on the television and bangs on about independence, we get more votes.
You sure?
So when Nicholas Certain says she's making this campaign about independence, do you think that's good for tourists?
Fantastic news.
The conservatives want to position themselves as the only reliable defenders of the union, even though the Lib Dems promise that they too will protect the UK Voters may be confused by Labour's position, who say they don't want another referendum but would not block one on the SNP are hoping that by making their demand for another referendum so central that will make it difficult for the next prime minister to say no.
Sarah Smith, BBC News Well, all political parties have stepped up their campaigns on social media in recent days.
Political advertising on platforms such as Facebook has been the source of great controversy in the past few years, with concerns about personal data falling into the wrong hands.
But as our media editor, Amol Rajan, reports that hasn't stopped, campaign is looking to digital channels as a powerful tool to reach more voters.
Election campaigns are ultimately a branch of the marketing industry in the 21st century.
That means they've shifted online this weekend, so a significant escalation of political ads in our Facebook and other social media feeds.
But tactics varied across the parties.
Conservatives focused on Brexit and targeted marginal constituencies such as Cone Valley, with the message that just a few 100 votes could be decisive.
Labour looked a policy beyond breaks it with an NHS add that linked to a guardian article.
The Lib Dems tweet their attack ad against Jeremy Corbyn for different audiences.
One claimed he was a Brexit era heart.
Another question to his leadership credentials.
But but how exactly do digital marketers, political and otherwise, target us?
The industry is seeing exponential growth.
This British firm doesn't work for political parties but helps brands reach their target audience.
Every single action people take online almost is tracked as a data point that we can use to inform at targeting.
And that's whether they've and taking a certain amount of time dwelling on a page, whether they've expressed interest in something like something joined a group, almost purchase something but not purchase something.
Purchase something every single one of these is a signal.
So how narrowly can you focus your target?
You'll be blown away by how specific we can be in terms of targeting individual people.
We could, for example, within Newcastle under Lyme.
Choose a nurse who's recently qualified within a certain income bracket who's interested in fitness and wellness on then under behaviors has recently returned from travel within the last one or two weeks.
That's how specific we can get.
What, then, is the appeal of social media to political campaigns first is very quick.
It was a cheap medium.
You can pay sometimes little £100 to reach thousands of swing voters.
The other reason, of course, is that you're allowed to advertise on social political.
British political parties are not allowed to advertise on TV on radio.
Unlike the counterparts in America, this is the age off data.
All around us is a infinite swirl of personal information with you and I had to every time we browse, swipe like click on Far from the madding crowd.
Political marketers Mavericks on Miss Creeds are plundering those innocent digital ticks to capture our attention and persuade us to give them a hearing on the vote.
Recent plebiscites show campaigners tend to save most of their digital budgets for the climax of a campaign.
The best on the worst is yet to come.
A more Rajan BBC News Just a reminder for more coverage of the election.
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UK Election 2019: House of Commons elects new Speaker - BBC News

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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