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  • way Marquis Chumley, whose job it is today to carry the crown normally worn by the queen.

  • But not today on to carry the crown at the head of the procession.

  • On there, we have the queen's official console today, the Prince of Wales, who will be 71 next month, having served almost a lifetime as at the throne unders, Prince of Wales.

  • The queen was attended so many of these state openings apart from a few over the years, but the vast majority off them.

  • Andi, uh will know exactly where every single member off the pageantry and the ceremonial is meant to be on has a very sharp eye for the detail off the entire thing.

  • I'm told that she misses nothing along the way.

  • So there'll be lots of nerves there, among the human and all the others about exactly whether standing at exactly how they're holding themselves train bearers will be especially chosen on then, of course, we have the principal members of the procession, including the captain of the gentleman.

  • It arms on the Captain off the human of the guard who also feature in the procession today passing the gentlemen at arms who are lining the Princess chamber, providing a guard of honor the Princes chamber, a short walk through past the statue of Queen Victoria just on the left.

  • There, past the portrait of Henry the eighth and the other two to Monix on into this magnificent chamber off the House of Lords, the masterpiece of Barry and PugetEn Queen will approach and take a place on the throne of the House of Lords with the Prince of Wales next to her, the crown will be placed on the table.

  • The Duchess of Cornwall will take a place on the state chair that's being put there on the right hand side on.

  • The first thing that we'll hear from the Queen is an invitation to the members of the House of Lords and guests to be seated.

  • My lords prayer receded.

  • Crown being placed.

  • The queen will signaled approval for black rod markets generally gives his signal with his stave of office on.

  • The signal has been received by the Lady Asher off the blackboard Sarah clock in her first state open.

  • So a very big moment for her taking part in one of the most famous pieces of parliamentary ceremonial that we have making a way down from the central B black broad is announced approaching the members lobby off the House of Commons by the members congregate on approaching the door of the Commons, which will be slammed in her face.

  • A sign off the authority of the House of Commons.

  • Three very firm knocks she enters.

  • Will there be any Hackley?

  • There might be, Mr Speaker.

  • The queen commands this honourable house to attend Her Majesty immediately in the House of Peers.

  • No, I don't know words of dissent there on no prices for guessing who they came from.

  • Veteran Labour and people bolts over.

  • Dennis Skinner specializes in a bit of heckling on these events.

  • There we have the first time Boris Johnson is prime minister, walking with Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the opposition, on this screen speech day in Black of the SNP list.

  • Sabah Robertson Montgomery, members of the Cabinet on the Labour front bench, including John McDonald, all of them walking in.

  • Not quite in a rush, but certainly there's always a bit of jostling.

  • I have to say when it gets to the middle of back of the queue because they know that unless they jostle, they won't get anywhere near the House of Lords.

  • Brown.

  • The for labor.

  • Let's, um, conservatives subject job there.

  • The chancellor says he'll be delivering a budget next month.

way Marquis Chumley, whose job it is today to carry the crown normally worn by the queen.

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