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  • Donald Trump says he wants the later announced Seymour.

  • This is one way they can do that.

  • These are the first NATO owned and operated unmanned surveillance drones.

  • The Global Hawk, based here in Cicely, can travel halfway around the world on one tank of fuel.

  • It can stay up in the air for more than 30 hours, carrying out every matter on here.

  • Believe it or not, is the cockpit on the ground at Sigonella Airbase in a side room with a sensor operator sitting here and over here, the pilot flying the aircraft with just the click of a mass?

  • How do you feel like you flying based on the I P system windows based by a computer?

  • We don't have any control sticks.

  • Control yolks itself all by this little mouse.

  • Traitor, it said.

  • Pretty big leap forward toe.

  • Have our own organic intelligence surveillance Reconnaissance aircraft that way don't have to rely on getting time from somebody else.

  • It's ours so we can task it the way we want a task.

  • It Intelligence surveillance reconnaissance is also about understanding what is going on.

  • Close our borders way have seen a significant Russian military buildup over lost theirs.

  • We saw how Russia used force against Crimea on illegally annexing Crimea.

  • If you had a capability like that in 2014 we would have been able to understand much earlier and better.

  • What was happening in this drone is not armed.

  • It is still primarily a military tool on these unmanned systems are not without controversy, not least because they can make warfare Seymour remote.

  • They can also become a target.

  • In fact, one of these a US one were shot down last year by Iran on a more than $100 million each.

  • They don't come cheap.

Donald Trump says he wants the later announced Seymour.

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