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  • Roger "Rogue" Quan: Okay, Heather. How about a card trick?

  • Heather: Cool.

  • Roger: All right. Cool. All I want you to do, Heather, is to take the deck and cut it

  • anywhere you want. Very cool. I'm just gonna mark the cut, okay Heather? How fair was that?

  • Did I force you to cut right there?

  • Heather: No.

  • Roger: No. You cut anywhere you wanted to, right?

  • Heather: Yeah.

  • Roger: All I want you to do is just take the card, memorize the card you cut to. All right?

  • Got it? Put it right back on top. All right. I'm gonna attempt to read your mind. I want

  • you to focus in on the card. Think of the card and nothing else, okay?

  • Heather: Okay.

  • Roger: The first time. What was the name of the card you cut to?

  • Heather: It was three of hearts.

  • Roger: That's exactly what I got.

  • Heather: That's awesome.

  • Roger: Thank you.

  • Okay, here's the secret to the Mind Reading card trick. It's a great mentalism effect

  • that you can do using a regular deck of cards. The best thing to do is actually borrow a

  • deck of cards. And when you borrow the deck, all you have to do is just peek at the top

  • card. In this case, it's the eight of diamonds. And then, all you gotta do is just take the

  • deck and shuffle it. But retain the top card. Again. Shuffle again if you want. Retain the

  • top card like I said. So the top card is still the eight of diamonds.

  • Have them cut the deck anywhere they want. They can cut it anywhere they want. And you're

  • going to mark the cut. Take this half and just mark the cut. And this is actually a

  • force. You force the eight of diamonds on them. I'll show you how in a second. And you're

  • gonna talk to them for a second. You'll say, "Was that fair? You could have cut anywhere

  • you wanted to." This is called time misdirection.

  • Then you tell them to memorize the card they cut to. But, in reality, that's actually the

  • top card, eight of diamonds. But since you talked to them they forget. And thus the term

  • time misdirection.

  • One more time. You're gonna peek at the top card. Have them cut the deck. Mark the cut.

  • Talk a little bit. And have them look at the card they cut to which is the top card. And

  • all you have to do is just read their mind. You could write it down. You could tell them,

  • "A red card, a diamond, it's a number card, eight of diamonds."

  • So have fun. Go out there and amaze people. That's the Mind Reading card trick.

Roger "Rogue" Quan: Okay, Heather. How about a card trick?

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